• I have a heavy foot as I like to drive fast cause I'm always on a hurry.
  • Just call me Lady Lead-foot!
  • I am mid footed. A little heavy at times and a little light at times.
  • I usually have a foot that obays the speed limit ... UNLESS; I am playing some of that classic rock with the UPBEAT music playing and then ... I just tend to get a little heavy footed ...
  • Depends; To school light foot, to a friends house HEAVY. :)
  • Use to be heavy, then I grew up.
  • "Heavy foot", or as I call it "Lead foot" lol. I obey traffic rules and reg's though
  • Oh yes I do very!!!!!
  • lighter than it once was.
  • Personally I own a Lotus Turbo Esprit. It does 0 to sixty in 3.1 seconds because it's fitted with a race tuned six liter engine, twin turbos and high lift cams.. It's great to have a car like that but it can be hard to find the money to fill the fuel tank. Each time the pedal is pushed down hard, it costs around ten quid in petrol (Which is known as Arabs Delight because each time we drive fast,an Arab somewhere gets an erection!) I did read once,that a man's car is a reflection of the size of his penis! That may indeed be right but having a car that reflects my dick can be to expensive to run around in.. So I drive using a very light foot. Please don't tell anyone that I said it??
  • depends on the shoe
  • Heavy. Except in school zones. I will NOT speed through a school zone.
  • I drive for gas mileage. It drives my Karen crazy. She has a heavy foot and comes up to stops fast then slams on the brakes.
  • JUST right
  • I drive the speed of traffic if there is some and drive on average 5 miles above the speed limit when there isn't much traffic. So since break the law of going over the speed LIMIT...I guess I qualify as a heavy foot...
  • I have a light foot. I drive using both Tachometer and odometer. I always drive for economy even when driving my school bus. I have proved too many times I can drive 60 mph and arrive at a distant destination within 30 minutes of the guy driving 80mph

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