• My house 2 barns 3 sheds. I also own property with other homes 86 of them I rent out.
  • Cow sheds, warehouses, pump houses, the feed mill, poultry sheds and my office building apart from the farm house in which we live.
  • A two car garage, a single car garage and a smoke shed.
  • Nothing
  • We've got what we call the shed, but will be a little guest room away from the house. It has a porch with French doors and the back is floor to ceiling windows. It's a really sweet little place where we stored some of our building supplies while we built this house. It's not quite finished yet, need to put more cedar shingles on it and make the sleeping loft in it, but it's coming along :-) Here's a few photos on it in stages.
  • We have a garden shed, a motorcycle garage, my husbands workshop and a storage shed.

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