• No. Impeachment is a process that only applies to Presidents and Supreme Court Justices in the U.S. In that proceeding, the House of Representatives serves the role of a grand jury. They vote on impeachment, which is the equivalent of an indictment. Actual trials take place in the Senate, whose members serve as jurors. The question with regard to a Senator is whether he or she can be expelled from the Senate. The answer is yes, but I don't think it's ever been done.
  • No, not exactly. Not in the sense of impeaching a President. But a senator or congressman can be charged with "malfeasance" and recalled by his home constituents. He would face any charges there, in his home state. This has happened a few times. A senator or congressman may also be "censured" by the Congress and denied "session" for some malfeasance while Congress is in session. It is complicated, but there are rules in place for it.

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