• In the sense of it's usage in the media, allegation is the 'nice' word, whereas accusation is the 'bad' word. Like how the media refers to American snipers as 'sharpshooters' because it avoids the negative connotation.
  • Allegation: An assertion, declaration or statement of a party to an action made in a pleading, stating what the party expects to prove. If someone alleges that you did the crime, you are a suspect (you might have done it). Accusation: A formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt. If someone accues you that you did the crime, they are saying that you did it.
  • I tend to view an allegation as an accusation through mature, civilized due process. We've all been accused of doing something we didn't do, we tend to view accusations as unfounded, whereas allegations seem to give the benefit of the doubt, and there appears to be sufficient evidence to accuse through a due process where in the end if you're innocent it will be proven, on the other hand accusations have the feel of jumping to unreasonable conclusions.
  • Accusation, you are being accused of the crime. Allegation, you are in question of being accused for the crime.
  • To say, "Bob allegedly stole an apple" translate to "it is believed that Bob stole and apple". Uncertainty is implied. To say "Bob is accused of stealing an apple" translates to making the statement that "Bob stole an apple". Certainty is implied.

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