• They've done pretty good thus far considering the caca they pawn. Hopefully, they'll be kept at bay going forward and there are reports that they're losing sheep faster than they can them. Maybe progress will take its rightful course one more time
  • I would say that science will prevail over mid-evil belief systems.Though there is an upsurge it is mostly on the fringes of religions.Man through evolution becomes more enlightened about reality,for it is a process of learning.Science has made great gains over the years,and it is unlikely that old thinking will prevail and it is giving it's last kicks at logic .
  • Hopefully it's just the death rattle of outdated systems of tought, but history has shown us that religious beliefs can be far more influential than logic and reason.
  • "I would say that science will prevail over mid-evil belief systems." "...they're losing sheep faster than they can them." "Medieval" and omitted verbs aside, I don't think 200 hundred years of human superiority complex is going to eradicate thousands of years of tradition overnight, and people really need to get over it. What's funny is that hardcore evolutionists are often the people who dare to preach "tolerance."
  • "The hardest gift to give, yet the one most needed, is and will always be, wisdom." Buddha. "No one person can ever change the truth, but the truth, once learned, can and will change the person." Buddha. ... as usual, many will reject the truth and cling to the past ... many others will try to merge the two, altering both ... and still others will accept, adapt, and move on ...
  • If you get rid of the unrealistic beliefs of the fundamentalists (both Muslim and Christian) the scientific and religious systems of beliefs are not incompatible. Science and my religious beliefs are living happily together. Scientific adherents can be as bigoted as fundamentalists religions.
  • I think religion will always be what it is, just religion. There always will be a few Fanatics out there that make it seem like everything is going backwards and trying to stop progress in the name of God. We are just more aware of what is going on now because the reach of the media is so great. So its probley always will be like that. It wont affect progress at all there is nothing that will do that. After all if they could, it would have happened a long long time ago...

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