• The arts are never a waste of time and anybody who thinks so is just showing their ignorance about the arts.
  • Art is what it is. It inspires, uplifts, depresses, provokes, calms, communicates, entertains, and a thousand other things. What it does not do is make money lol. So it really is subjective, I'd say the arts are an integral part of being human and of society.
  • The arts are not a waste. Everything you see nowadays is influenced by arts. Movies: Film and special effects are all done by artists. Costume design an set design as well. Actors are artists as well. Advertising: All of the logos and print face are created by artists. Food: A lot of chefs are considered artists/cullinary artists. These are only a brief overview of where art touches our lives and so it not a waste whatsoever. And I'm not just saying this because I am an Art Student.
  • There is a book by Daniel Pink called "A Whole New Mind" in which he examines this very thing. He makes a compelling and convincing argument that being artful and creative is essential to surviving in business. Art, the arts, being artful, all have to do with creativity. As a business consultant and executive coach I must say that the people who do the best in business are the ones who have developed creativity as well as good business sense. So I totally disagree with the arts being a waste of time and would be willing to bet the person who said it will have problems in business.
  • Of course not. I will bet that person: buys clothes, furniture, fixtures and fittings, watches movies, tv shows, reads books and magazines, appreciates creativity and design's role in advertising and marketing, goes to the cinema, listens to music, eats at restaurants, watches historical programs, follows the wars and international issues, travels, goes on holiday excursions etc. Man, imagine a life without art because none of the above things would exist without it.
  • The most creative thinking is inspired by the arts.
  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! The arts are very important! It's a different kind of education than you would get from business, but useful nonetheless - whether you use your arts education practically speaking or not. Artists do contribute to society - they contribute empathy and aesthetics. They contribute a different way of thinking to counteract the soul-lessness of business & sciences. I think BOTH are useful. I am English with a focus in Medieval Studies. And I'm also Pre-Med. I like having a good education in both the humanities and sciences. The thing about The Arts is what it does for you. Don't worry about what others say - they probably lack the imagination =P Where would our society be without the artists?
  • Arts talk and relate to our emotions, our feelings, our spirituality. They are ever present in our daily lives, we enjoy art in many manifestations sometimes without even noticing it. Maybe the persons that only care about "Business" are not nurturing those sides of themselves and like to think of themselves as "practical" but in reality are most probably incredibly dull.
  • Oooooooooooh.... you have wounded me in the heart. I am an artist and a musician. No, no, no, art is not a waste of time. Art is the soul of a culture. Without it we are just walking zombies or robots. What do arts contribute to a society? So much that books have been written about it. I make a living from art both with my music and my art. I feel I contribute to society because I have been a teacher and have taught society's children. Now I write books and create drawings. Art creates businesses. Look around to see art in everyday life: buildings, clothes, furniture, hairstyles, etc., etc., etc.
  • The arts are what make life beautiful. Not business. Business is great, business is where money comes from. But we need music, art, the written word. We need it to survive.
  • I disagree with that statement. In my opinion, good capitalism is based on the constant interaction of two foundation concepts, "what would you do for money?" and "what would you do with money?" ... this is why money needs to circulate, and without the arts, both as an income for some and as an expense for others, intellectual aspects of humanity and society will suffer and deteriorate. A society's economy may be "fed" by good business, but the human minds within a society are "fed" by the arts.
  • Art is healthy for your soul! weather it be, paintings, drawings, music, or poetry, art is what keeps the sanity

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