• Remember: "'Remember' is about — not focusing on all of the existential chaos that's going on around me and not necessarily getting drawn back into bad habits." "I read an interveiw with the singer of the band and he said the song is about remembering not to drink too much (or not at all) or else his voice will get f**ked up. The way David sings, he really shouldn't drink or smoke or else he'll f**k his voice up and then there is no Disturbed." Break My Fall: "one of my ideas about this song goes along with the idea that the singer is willing to do anything for this girl, but doesn't want to be used. the part: "You fought me once, but not again Let me feel your heavy hand I will clean your fucking mess And leave no trace of evidence" to me suggests that they have tried even a friendship before and she kept something from him and even though it hurt him he forgave her. but it happened again and this time he wants to help her through it and is willing to "clean your fucking mess" "I am losing you again Let me out, and let me in Cause you're not alone here, not at all Let me belong here, break my fall..." she is ashamed and trying to distance away and he knows that he is "losing you again" but wants to be trusted by her cause shes "not alone here, not at all" and he will understand her and wants to be a support for her even while he falls and/or they can support each other cause he understands what she is dealing with. "Shelter me from this again Dedicated to the end Help me break my conscience in to free us from our innocence" this could be interpreted as he wants protection from her trying to not get him involved and is "dedicated to the end" to stay with her. the conscience part can also be used in the sense that he wants to help her see what is wrong and right and to "free us from our innocence" could suggest that by listening to themselves can make them experience these problems and learn from them, thereby growing up away from the "innocence" "Mayday, mayday Requesting permission to land I cannot control the plane We are in danger of crashing" this part is still confusing to me in the sense that he wants "permission to land" in her trust because if she doesn't open up to him "we are in danger of crashing" and the relationship will be ruined. "Break my fall... Break my fall... Break my fall... Break my fall..." to me the ending of the song is almost like him saying there is definetly a reason he cares so much. that he wants her to trust him because he is having issues too that he needs her to help him with. this makes it so that he needs this just as much as she does. sorry that took so long but that is my interpretation would like some comments towards it or other ideas "

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