• He is wise!
  • There is a time for loving and a time for fighting. The wise are able to tell the difference, and not get locked into either one to the exclusion of the other.
  • I am a little of both. I fingh when needed and love when needed. I thing it all depends on the situation you are faced with at the time.
  • Being a lover, I would say I'm wise. Fighters are brave indeed, but nowadays fighting isn't very wise and the consequences can be very unfavorable (as well as being a lover), but to me, nothing is more ignorant than violence. At least as a lover, your intentions are peaceful lol.
  • Depends entirely on what one is fighting for. If the fight is for personal gain at the cost of other's it is not worth it. If the fight will benefit a common rightful objective of many then the fight might be worth it - if no one will get hurt in the process. I will give the example of Gandhi in this regard. He fought - but he took the non-violent path of fighting. That makes him the lover of humanity too. But was he a coward afraid to face the might of the British empire? No. He had no personal animosity towards the empire. He was the wisest of them all. And he did get to the objectives he set for himeself - most lovingly.
  • Iam A Lover with some Fight in me ;)
  • That's just a nice way of saying "I've got more chance of getting laid, than winning against you" A "fighter" can be a buffoon or a hero depending on what they are fighting for and to what extent they will go. A "lover" can be a philanderer or just an ordinary person who is in tune to partners emotional and physical needs. It's not really a yardstick to judge their fighting prowess. in saying that, you have many historical figures who were not only tremendous warriors but also had many wives.
  • The saying is, "I'm a lover not a fighter" because they're usually too cowardly to defend themselves or others and that helps them "save face".

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