• yep, more middle eastern, the farther from south africa though the lighter the skin.
  • the ancient Egyptians saw themselves as darker than Asiatics and Libyans, and lighter than the Nubians, and with different facial features and body types than any of these groups. Quoted from: Ancient Egytian View Skin tones were most probably darker in the south than in the north, and overall darker than in the rest of the Mediterranean basin
  • dark skinned not quite black
  • they have skin color between black and white
  • They were actually fair skinned. For example the mummy of Ramses The Great actually has red hair. The confusion comes from 2 main causes. 1. The mistaken assumption that if statues are painted black the people they depict were black. Ancient Egyptians painted statues of the dead black to declare that they were dead. Not as a commentary on their skin color. 2. A confusion with the Nubians. They were inhabitants of the gold-rich territory ruled by the egyptians to the south in present day Sudan. For a short time Nubians did occupy the throne of Egypt but were never considered Egyptian by the inhabitants.
  • I should think their toes were if they dropped one of them pyramid stones on them.
  • I know what you mean. Since they're from Africa are they like the rest of Africans? I've wondered that too. Shows how educated I am! :p
  • The bible states that egypt was the land of Ham. Ham was noah,s black son ALthough what do you consider as black ? Black people come in all skin tones from white to browns,golds,reds, and ebany in many black familys you will see a varity of skin tones,hair colors,eye colors and such. Remember all man and women come from one set of parents Adam and Eve and people are like flowers they come in a variety of types but there all flowers, God loves all his creation and to that you must respect! The people you see in Egypt no are not the orignal people that were in these lands these people were people who invaided and pilage the lands
  • Yes and if you yourself did a Ancestry search or had your mouth swobbed then you will find whether black or white that it all traces back to Africa. Egyptians themselves were marvelous people and still till this day our people are lost.....
  • i think people need to be more broad minded when it comes to speaking about different nationalities, for example Somali people have many different skin tones, you will find there are very dark somali's medium to light somali's and very fair to white somalis where as there nationality is (AFRICAN). There will be many people out there that would not believe what i am saying because out side in this world the most somali people we see are always very dark skined so just because they see this all the time they make the mistake by automatically assuming the whole somali nation is very dark which is totally wrong. In my opinion Egypt is apart of Africa and the same skin tones i mentioned about somali people is the same for the egyptians, and the next thing is when i say fair to white that does not mean white as in a proper caucasian person from the united kingdom, saying that a person is fair to white thats just a way of expressing the fairness of there colour meaning to say its very light.
  • Some were though not the Pharoahs or the 'general' Egyptian population. Those Egyptians made mention of a race of darker people called Nubians. Nubians were recorded by Egyptians as having very dark skin, often shown in ancient artwork with hooped earrings and with braided or extended hair. Ancient Nubians were famous for their vast wealth, their trade between central Africa and the lower Nile valley civilizations, including Egypt, their skill and precision with the bow, their 23 letter alphabet, the use of deadly poison on the heads of their arrows, their great military, their advanced civilization, and their century-long rule over the united upper and lower Egyptian kingdoms yo...
  • yes and brown and off white
  • The Ancient Egyptians were obviously originaly black. Egypt's original name was Kemet, meaning black. When the Romans came in, they renamed it Egypt meaning black. The Arabs came way later, the Romans came way later. I thinks its an insult saying that they weren't black. black people come in many colors and with many features. Honestly the Ancient Egyptians on the walls looked like East Africas. Blacks come in shades of brown and black, they have wooly hair and straight hair. When I see white people playing as the Egyptians, I think WTF. They weren't from Europe, and didn't have pale, pink skin.
  • with out question
  • No they were not. The Egyptians themselves were caucasian. Eventually some mixed with the Nubians. The Nubians even sat on the Egyptian thrown for a time. As a people they were not black. This is a common misconception.
  • One Answer; CHEIKH ANTA DIOP
  • Seems that black people want to believe that the ancient Egyptians were mostly black and white people want to believe that they were mostly white. I would say that the PROOF would be leaning more towards the middle(A MIXTURE OF MEDITER/ASIAN ARAB/BROWN MIDDLE AFRICA). Except for the short time LATER ON, when the the Nubians ruled.
  • we are talking about an African coutry over 5000 years ago. Do you honestly think they were white? The Bible teaches that the Black (or Negro) people are descendants of Ham (who was one of the three sons of Noah). Obviously, Noah and his three sons Ham, Shem, and Japeth each carried the genes for producing several races since ultimately all the races of mankind had descended from them. Genetically, it was possible for Noah and his three sons to carry the genes for producing different races just as it is genetically possible today, for example, for a person of European origin to carry genes for producing children with different color hair. The principle is the same. Although you and I today may not possess genes for producing different races of people, Noah and his three sons Ham, Shem, and Japeth did possess such genes. According to the Bible the ancient Egyptians were descended from Ham through the line of Mizraim. Ham had four sons: Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan (Genesis 10:6). The name "Mizraim" is the original name given for Egypt in the Hebrew Old Testament. Many Bibles will have a footnote next to the name "Mizraim" explaining that it means "Egypt." The name "Egypt" itself actually comes to us from the Greeks who gave the Land that name (i.e. "Aegyptos" from the Greek). In addition to the name "Mizraim," the ancient Egyptians also referred to their land as "Kemet" which means "Land of the Blacks." Western historians, however, say that the word "Kemet" refers to the color of the soil of the land rather than its people. But, the word "Kemet" is actually an ethnically derived term being a derivative of the word "Khem" (Cham or Ham) which means "burnt" or "black." Ham, who was one of the three sons of Noah and the direct ancestor of the Egyptians, was black. The Bible, in the Old Testament, repeatedly refers to Egypt as the "Land of Ham" (i.e., Psalm 105:23, 27; 106:22). The ancient Egyptians in their writings used their word for "black" to describe themselves and not just the color of their soil. Ham was named "black one" by his father Noah from birth. In other words, Ham was born black. His being black had nothing to do with a curse
  • [url] /jrmoore1958/Black_Egyptians.h tml[/url] You need to click the link to see the pictures. [b]The Egyptians used only one term to describe themselves - KM(T)- which literally means Black men. The term represents a collective noun which describes the whole people of Pharaonic Egypt as a Black people, and this is the strongest term existing in the Pharaonic language that indicates Blackness. Note the carving on the hieroglyph below where on the left centre there is a symbol that looks like a little stair step which is the hieroglyphic emblem or Medu Netjer symbol for KM. The symbol that looks like half a ball is the hieroglyph for T, and from these you get KMT (Kemet) and terms like chemistry, chemical, Kham. The symbol is enlarged and shown again separately on the right for clarity. So KMT is the strongest word in the Egyptian language for Black, but in addition, note that there are also two little people sitting beside this symbol which indicates that it is referring to Black People, that is, the Black people of the Black land. So the Egyptians have given us a physical description as well as the term they used to call themselves, in their own words - KMT - Black people. Note that the Egyptians made no distinction between themselves and the Nubians in the temple or in the tomb of Rameses III. The one on the left is Nubian; the one in the middle between the Semite and the Asian is Egyptian. This clearly shows that the Nubian and the Egyptian are identical to each other in physical type, which is the reason they are portrayed as BLACK.The original people of Kemet never depicted themselves as Asian or European types, and are never shown with white or pale skin on any of the authentic artefacts until the foreign period.[/b]
  • I think Egyptians were black, but whites don't want to give the African-American race credited because the Egyptians were very smart and intelligent. Whites would rather come up with some other race than to give us credit for anything. Africa, was mostly black until other cultures went there. Look at the sculptures full lips, big noses, and dark paint.
  • the Sumerians were dark-haired and a light skinned people but like all beings we change to adapt to our environment
  • It is a fact that Africans are the original ethnicity and has the worldest largest - greatest genetic variations. Even science are saying it. Here is an article just published about the original ethnicity, their actual skin color, mixing with other ethniticies and so forth. We are all, one race - human. Yet we have diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Why do people (especially Causcasians) have such a hard time accepting this fact?
  • It is a fact that Africans are the original ethnicity and has the worldest largest - greatest genetic variations. Even science are saying it. Here is an article just published about the original ethnicity, their actual skin color, mixing with other ethniticies and so forth. We are all, one race - human. Yet we have diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Why do people (especially Causcasians) have such a hard time accepting this fact?
  • It is a fact that Africans are the original ethnicity and has the worldest largest - greatest genetic variations. Even science are saying it. Here is an article just published about the original ethnicity, their actual skin color, mixing with other ethniticies and so forth. We are all, one race - human. Yet we have diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Why do people (especially Causcasians) have such a hard time accepting this fact?
  • In America they are what we would refer to as "black", but are referred to with different names and tribal affiliations along the nile...HAVE A LOOK! HTTP://IAN.MACKY.NET/SECRETMUSEUM/PAGE_2.57.HTML HTTP://IAN.MACKY.NET/SECRETMUSEUM/PAGE2.120.HTML HTTP://NEWS.BBC.CO.UK/2/LOW/IN_PICTURES/6415445.STM
  • The civilization of Ancient Egypt lasted longer than the entire span of what we have come to accept as 'recorded history': over three thousand years. During these millenia the Egyptians developed a multitude of gods and goddesses, as well as esoteric practices that we are still unravelling the meaning of. Besides this, Egypt was the source of the first true monothestic religion, under the pharaoh Akhenaton. This rich tradition was mostly unknown until the early nineteenth century, when the Egyptian language was finally deciphered.
  • No they were Egyptian. Very dark skin though.
  • Oh riiiiight. So since I am from Europe, I must be white... Sucks for me to have mongoloid features on my face... So, if I am from Asia, I have to be mongoloid... Oh, what the fuck is that whitie doing there, up there, on the borders of Russia and China... So, if I am from America, I have to be mongoloid also (native america) Oi, get the hell of my lands you whit trash and niggers So, if I am from Africa, I have to be negroid Hmmm... what are all those dark Caucasian types doing here Yes, real intelligent, your logic, that Khemet is the and of Ham. And believing Bible, the greatest plagiarism in the world. Wohooo, let's all wave for the sheer stupidity of christians, who base their logic on that. Oi, if Ham was the black son of Noah, and Ham was Egyptian, then that prooves that the world is circa 5 milleniums old. Yes, real smooth, you idiots. Stop trying to claim anything you can get your hands on, as your own negroid thing. Really... You look pathetic. Even the Egyptians describe you otherwise. The Egyptian nationality, not even race, was probably one of the most diverse, the face features are obviously caucasian. Compare the face features to those of Nubia besides them and those of Hebrew, Lybian etc... The color, was that of Hindu civilization. There were some diversities, but as a rule Egyptians were quite nationalystic. They didn't let other people inside their territory and families. Even pharaoh married within the Egyptian nationality. And no the modern Egyptians are not like them. And no, you black people, are also not like them. Or did you see Michael Jackson's video and now believe that? Oh yeah, learn some history besides the school books. It is said by the Greeks and by the Romans, and by the Sumers, that the egyptians were like the people of the far east. Hindu, Chinese, you decide. But they definitely a mix of mongoloid and caucasian. Their religion also goes nicely along the line with the Maian, Chinese, Hindu and Sumer civilization. There can be brought out parallels everywhere. Culturally they were also very similar. and Khemet came from the ground, which was colored black after the Nile flooded the valley, you moron. It does not mean, black people. It means the Black Land (literally after the floor) People of the Black Land (People of the Nile Valley)
  • No, they weren't black. Some paintings show different colors of people. Egyptians were red in the paintings, and blacks were called Nubians. Egyptians are of the Caucasoid raced, and are related to Arabs, Jews and Libyans.
  • not sure

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