• Alt+F4 gets rid of all the windows. But I don't know about the virus.
  • I really need more information to really answer this question right, what OS do you have? XP or Vista? Once I have that I can offer you the right software and "How to sheets" to manage this software and all of it is FREE. I have virus/spyware and registry programs that will clean your system up and should rid it of the problems you are talking about, plus I can tell you about a few sitting you should make sure you have in place to make your system as secure as possible.
  • reinstall your os
  • Part of the problem is that you run IE. That isn't just a Firefox bias, but a fact. I had that problem ALL the time with IE even without a virus. Close a window, three more would open and closing each of those would..... well, you know. Firefox has NEVER EVER EVER done that to me. Start by switching to IE, then get a decent anti-virus program to make sure that it really IS a virus as opposed to just the web site spamming you by non-viral means.
  • The unwanted ad has invaded your Internet Explorer. Uninstall Internet Explorer then reinstalling should take care of the problem. That happened to me awhile back and it seemed to cure the problem. Otherwise, you may have to buy a virus program to get rid of it.
  • How old is this question? Never mind all that complicated answers, just use system restore. You'll find it in your control panel, search it, then pick a date a couple weeks back (before the problem arose) and return your computer's condition to that date. If you dont find this possible, reinstall the operating system. Just make sure you back up everything you want to keep first. (everything!). It's a lot of work but it will solve the problem and make you feel empowered.
  • 8-12-2017 Free download of Spybot Search And Destroy: Specific information you will need from time to time:

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