• Because at least at 21 you can Legally drink
  • Why? WHY???? WHY YOU ASK???? Beer of course.
  • Because at 18; you still do not have all your legal rights ... You cannot buy a handgun or ammunition for one ... You cannot buy alcohol ..... After 21; you can do both and that seems to be a big thing for many ...
  • 18 is nothin. All you get are tobacco products, which I never touch, and you get to go to jail if you're stupid instead of juvy. At 21 you get the joys of alcohol (legally ;D).
  • Depends on where you live. In Ontario, the legal drinking age is 19, so 21 is already like "geezer" age to some teens these days. Personally, I don't care about arbitrary numbers like that, as I don't drink. 18 is important to me for the legal significance, and that's about it.
  • At 21, you can finally buy alcohol, gamble, and get into 21 and over night clubs. Go to Las Vegas at 18, then go at 21 and see if you are really an adult at 18...
  • probably cause you can drink then
  • Becauze no matter what the law says about you being an adult at 18 you're still a teenager with hardly any life experience and hardly anybody takes you seriously. You turn 21 and you begin to actually start to make some adult choices and begin to randomly sound like an adult and that's when the actual respect begins.

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