• Let them rot. They shouldn't be proud of such a horrible cause.
  • Give them what they want, I suppose.
  • After it's decided what they are guilty of, there's already legal penalties for whatever it is. Doesn't matter what the criminal wants. Their wishes are disregarded.
  • Let nature take its course through the legal system. Putting them in with the regular prison population may be sentencing them to hell on earth.
  • Let them have thier wish, then they can rot in hell.
  • lets make thier lives a living hell THEN laugh as they rot in hell!!!
  • Why would people be asking for the death penalty? That makes no sense. "I want the state to kill me", why? And even if they did think that, then why stay 'defendants'? Can't you just change your mind?
  • Let them suffer and rot in jail. If you kill them, then you have just made them martyrs for their cause. Not a good idea...
  • Why make them martyrs for others of their kind to follow and worship? These people are not afraid of death neither do they value human life so giving them the death penalty would be granting them their wish.I would send them to prison and put them in solitory confinement and keep them locked up 24 hours a day no visitors allowed for the rest of their miserable lives, by the time I finished with them they would beg me for the death penalty.
  • The death penalty is generally stupid anyway (except when applied to politicians and civil servants), but it's the height of stupid to make martyrs out of people. That's exactly what they want.
  • i think they should stay in jail and let it eat them up
  • Provided they are indeed guilty, they should be punished. However, I can't help but think of the lives those people have lead, what they have endured and suffered in order to be compelled to do what they did. Now, I'm sure that, in their countries, they are all thinking/saying similar things about the American soldiers who have invaded & occupied their homeland and killed their families & friends and destroyed any resemblance of a life they may have had. It's never so easy to walk in mile in somebody else's shoes, is it?
  • Give it to them. Aboard an airplane flown into Mecca, during the Hajj.
  • Pelican Bay with the hardest gangsters on the planet
  • I want these people to suffer as long as possible. I would lock them up with Bush and Cheney. Further they should not be permitted Korans or access to Muslim clergy, that's what started this crap in the first place. No religion, no special meals. If they starve to death tough.
  • Ask them what they would rather have, death penalty, or life in prison, and whatever they ask for, give them the opposite. Its as simple as that.
  • Lock them up in Pelican Bay so they can spend the rest of their miserable lives being raped by Mexican gangbangers.
  • Don't make them martyrs. I'll gladly pay taxes for them to slowly rot in jail.
  • Since the cost of keeping them for life in prison would be such an expense .... go ahead and line them all up and let a firing squad do their thing .... or else build a muti gallows and hang them all together in Times Square.
  • i say torture them for a while like a month or so, then kill em...
  • Then again you make the jails a target, along with hostage taking so that the terrorist can negotiate a release. The best way is to make them disappear quietly, either by the death penalty or life somewhere unknown. Then again this flies in the face of what we believe in, although it can be argued that this attackers play outside the rules of war. There is no easy answer, except for one...take no prisoners on the field of battle, if they are out of uniform.
  • Don't kill them but don't give them better health care than we give our own citizens. Keep them in a cell and don't let them out period. No sun, no fresh air, a bucket to crap in and bread and water pushed through the slot in the door.
  • jail....although, we would have to pay for it. it would be an "in your face" act against their entire plan. to hell with em.
  • They should either be convicted or released; holding someone imprisoned for years without charges is something we decried when Russia used to do it.
  • Seems strange considering our justice system that you did not list a trail as a option but are going with the assumption of guilt -strange but yet a very common mind set.
  • Let them rot!

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