• The way to report such potential abuse is to use the feedback button at the bottom of the page. Actual humans look over the flags here (as opposed to "other" Q&A sites) so your chances of having "harassment" flags dismissed is very good. But if the majority of the flags hold up after scrutiny, perhaps you might want to look at your content as well. Best of luck!
  • I'va had people take away points because i disagree with there philosophy of being drunk or on some sort of drug. Childish behavior. Ignore it.
  • You don't specify the nature of such questions and flags. Were they flagged as duplicates, nonsense, offensive or other? Good advice from Wide Awake Phoenix in his answer.
  • The flags are reviewed by AB staff, they surely are not harassing you.
  • OK, I'm officially confused here. I just checked all 36 questions you have posted in your profile. Not ONE of them had a red flag for "Nonsense" or "Spam/Offensive". One animal rights question said it wasn't answered yet, which could mean it wasn't answered or an offensive answer had been removed. I also did not see any which had been marked as duplicate and combined with another question. I don't have any way of telling if any were moved to another catagory. Which means that I really don't see ANYTHING which I can tell was flagged. And if you did have some flagged as Wrong Catagory, all that happens is that the question gets moved to another catagory, probably better suited to the question. You suffer no penalties and it isn't counted as a rejected question. As for harrassment by someone: This is not very likely. Yes, you may get the occasional flag which is outright wrong or you THINK is wrong based on circumstances. But the cool thing about moderation by other AB users is this: AB USERS CANNOT 'FLAG' ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS! AB users can only MODERATE a question or answer. This means they can only click a link on what they THINK is wrong with them which will in turn notify AB staff so they can look at it, make the judgement call, and THEN flag it IF THEY AGREE WITH THE MODERATION! So, in the end, ONLY AB STAFF flags material. (And Community Leaders...but the moderations don't go to them.) Now, there are checks and balances in this process. If an AB user moderates a question and AB staff disagrees with it, not only does the staff NOT flag the question or answer, they PENALIZE the person who moderated the question incorrectly. They lose 5 points for every wrong moderation AND it adversly affects their "+ Moderation" percentage, which you can see on their scoreboard. This is to encourage people NOT to make malicious moderations, because it will show up on their public scoreboard in their profile for all to see. Additionally, there is a "Feedback" link at the bottom of each page. If you feel a question has been wrongfully flagged, go to the Feedback link at the bottom of that question's page, click on it, and fill out the form. Be clear and concise in defining your reasoning and the logic behind it. Make you request for reconsideration clear and concise as well. And leave the anger and frustration you may be feeling out of it when you do, so as to be as professional as possible. Feedback WORKS. I've had a few flags reversed. Just be aware that not every feedback you submit will necessarily get you the results you wish. And remember this: Ultimately you are just another anonymous AB user who can ONLY be identified by whatever information YOU give out. No one can do you any actual harm here. Upset you and p*ss you off, certainly...if you let them. But in the REAL harm. And always be aware of this fact: As long as your answers are not rude or socially unacceptable, as long as you are honest and considerate, then no matter WHAT anyone does in terms of flags, comments, or DR's...those of us who can read with a clear head on our shoulders can tell whether or not what you have to say is really worth while. Because we know better than to take into account malicious activity.
  • i havent had that happen here but its happened to me a lot on yahoo answers

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