• No, late-term abortions are still legal in New Jersey. The states that have imposed *constitutional* bans on late term abortions (or more specifically, the D&X procedure) are as follows: * Arizona* * Arkansas* (also allows late-term abortions in cases of rape or incest) * California * Connecticut * Illinois* * Kentucky * Louisiana* * Maine * Maryland (also allows late-term abortions in cases of fetal abnormality) * Missouri* * Nebraska * Oklahoma* * Tennessee * Washington * Wisconsin * Wyoming So the following states have NO imposed bans on late term abortions or have passed bills that have been struck down as unconstitutional: Alabama Alaska Colorado Delaware Flordia Georgia Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Texas Utah Vermont Virginia West Virginia
  • This is in response to Cancer--because for some reason the 'Comment' option is not working for my computer--and I hate her mode of thinking so much I think it is worth the irritation of having me post as an Answer. First off, Cancer, you are a tainted, biased fool who feels herself intelligent. I'm not trying to make anyone listen to me--if you look passed your obvious past experiences in this topic--you would see that I am trying to get people to listen to themselves as opposed to someone's biased opinion and someone else's sense of morality. It's obvious you have morals that the issue of abortion goes against--and that you have been tainted by negative experiences with men (since you are so limited in thinking that men are the fault of abortion or that all men push sex). Truthfully, I'm not doing anything but asking others to think for themselves on this topic. If you want the kid, have it. If you do not, abort, adopt, et cetera. In some cases, adopting out will ruin the person's standing with her family--cause more problems--and thus abortion is logical. It's not for you to ask or plead for them to keep a child. Your God's morality doesn't play. In fact, you should abort more.
  • Generally speaking 3rd trimester abortions are not allowed anywhere unless it is for medical reasons. At which point I would be discussing this with your doctor. Most places will not perform an abortion after the first couple weeks into the second trimester. If an abortion is to be considered it needs to be at the early stages of pregnancy. If the only reason someone is looking at late stage abortion is because the child is not wanted than the only real option at this point is to have the child and put it up for adoption. Having babies adopted out is not hard, it is only hard when you decide 2 years after you do not want the child.

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