• Some say it's a deterrent.
  • It's a pretty good guarentee that the perp isn't going to murder again.
  • It has a 100% sucess rate.
  • hmm thats odd, i asked my mum the very same thing earlier today. We were wondering , in places where they have the death penalty is there less crime than in the places that don't? (im in the uk, no death penalty)
  • Would you rather pay taxes and have these criminals live in comfort for the rest of their lives with possibility of parole ofter they have commited unspeakable crimes or just put them down like the dogs they are? I really don't like paying for HBO and law degree's for cop killers.
  • It's a good lesson for others.
  • It kills people dead
  • We need to execute whoever is on death row so we can have more room for inmates. I hate hearing about how much it "costs" for a death penalty. I say firing squads probably the most humane way to go.
  • It gives a little peace to the people his crime has affected by letting them know he/she is never going to do whatever he did to anyone else.
  • The recidivism rate is 0%
  • It is not a good thing, and most developed countries eventually come to understand this and ban the death penalty. Some of the countries that continue to allow the death penalty include Iran, Equatorial Guinea, Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Cuba, and the United States of America. The intentional homicide rate in the USA in 2007 was 5.7 per 100,000 in the USA versus 1.37 in England where there is no death penalty. (Sources: multiple -- assembled quite nicely in Wikipedia.)
  • probably not
  • I can not tell you how something is good when I am against it. I feel no body has the right to take a life.
  • Apparently, you have never experienced the tragic death of a loved one, by a serial killer or rapist. Ask any of these family members your question and listen to their response.
  • It kills the killers dead.
  • It may not be convenient or even healthy from a psychological perspective, but vengeance absolutely brings a kind of joy to the victims' families and helps to ease their suffering. The finality of it provides an unparalleled sense of closure. Furthermore, it's democratic. In most developed countries, polls regularly show that a slight majority of people actually support the death penalty. Personally, I believe the victims family should make the choice of whether or not to pursue the death penalty.
  • yes i m very strong supporter of death penalty- =if any person rape your mother or daughter than-if any person kill my son -if any terrorist attack on my city n kill lot of persons.bomb blast-11 September in usa-i want to say that only strong punishment can save our society-u can see rape cases in arab countries and in usa n england,australlia n new zeland.if usa start hang to rapist than it will make like arab-our mother n daughter can live safely.see taliban in pakistan n killing them too.can you win there without killing them.sorry if u hurt.5
  • If you kill someone you deserve the die
  • The recividism rate is lower than with other forms of punishment.
  • The recidivism rate is zero. +5
  • So we do NOT put Rapist, Murders, Kidnappers, etc back into the general public ... +5

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