• To teach human being how to spell and check their grammer correctly. X-scccyuuuzzzeee ME! It was only a pun.
  • because the world would be boring without us lol
  • I bet he's sorry now! We would have to be one crazy experiment that got right out of hand!
  • So He would have someone to love.
  • To know him ,love him, serve him and to be together with him, in this world and the next Also as a form of endless amusement, watching us bumble about trying to make sense of things and causing chaos in the process
  • Boredom?? I wonder how many other species he created, heck, if he could create us, anything is possible!
  • There was nothing on cable that night? Seriously. I think that under the right conditions (optimum temp, usable air, correct distance from a stable star) humans or something like them must form. Nature (or God as some people like to call it) does not do one-offs. There does not need to be a reason why we are here. We simply are here and we should make a good go of it before we melt our nice little home with pollution.
    • Michael Scott
      without the moon, no higher life on earth, no mag. field no tides to stir the core (first) and the the water bodies later. The 2 (3 or more) body problem is likely a bigger factor in evolution and crustal formation when the earth moon system was new the tides were huge likely crustal tides bigger than Ocean tides are now and between planet spin and lunar tides tables had many more entries per 24 time period. Ice ages are God's little niche opener for evolution.
  • So he could take his anger on us for the mistake he did creating us we ruin his world.
  • He probably got bored. Seriously, imagine, eternally existing, but having nobody to talk to.
  • Because consciousness wished to experience being conscious of itself within a physical reality.
  • The same reason we have chidren. To love and be loved.
  • I'm going to rate back up all those who got hit by the downrating troll in this thread. Cheers.
  • I do not think that " God" did create them.
  • Nothing else to do??? Praise the Lord that he did!
  • He was lonely. He allowed us to and helped us to ""evolve in some way or another or created us, and everything else, because, He was alone;(
  • So he could avoid paying for cable
  • god didnt create human beings! Humans evolved from little single cell organisms! it took millions of years to become what we are today, not 7 days
  • He didnt!
  • Everyone makes mistakes.
  • Because he/she/it was bored one day.
  • God did not create man. Man created God.
  • Biblically speaking, God created humans for Jesus, because reality is centred on Christ. Colossians 1:15-16 says: "He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities--all things were created through him and for him. "
    • Michael Scott
      Paul does foam at the mouth(pen, Luke's pen as I remember)
  • Bored..created his own sitcom perhaps?
  • I don't think he did. I think billions of years of evolution lead to the humans we have today.
  • what makes you think she/he did?
  • To have someone to worship him and to love him if you beleive what the bible says. I'm self thing we're all evolution fault and we created god to explian those things we can not through science.
  • It was probably an accident
  • To entertain himself
  • He probably wanted some entertainment and boy has he got entertainment.
  • Why did humans create god?
  • You hit it in the head! Why...the Big Why... It is something Science can't explain. Scientists talk about the origin of the Universe, the Big Bang...but if there was a Big Bang there was something there that exploded, so there is eternity and..out of the millions and millions and millions of Galaxies with billions and billions and billions of stars we are here on this tiny, insignificant planet in the niverse....Why?...The Big Why....Sorry, no one has an answer...
  • to become unbored, and to have a purpose! what else would god do without us? He'd have no purpose. Humans take up all God's time, whether he's just watching us or helping us out or whatever. I think he probably needs us just as much as we need him.
  • This is not a fact. There is no evidence that there is a God.
  • Because he was bored... Imagine you are God. There is nothing and all of a sudden, there you are, the only thing in the vast emptiness. You are there, faced with Nothing… What do you do? You can conjure a Dry Martini into existence and drink it… Cool, the first 1000 of them were fun but let’s face it, Dry Martinis get boring pretty fast. You think of something else… Why not create something more complex and play a little bit with it… So you create a clock. It’s complex and nice and all and you watch all the tiny mechanisms click together and it’s all good… mmm now that you think of it, you control every bit of the clockwork you just created and it gets boring too… So you become ambitious, you create a big fat universe that will expend and modify itself in ways that you can not predict, it’ll probably take you some trial and error but, in the end, you get there. So there it is, the universe, nice and shiny, full of stars and atomic reactions. You’re quite proud of yourself, in all your godly glory… Then, after a time, it gets boring too, watching nebulas, stars and galaxies form is all good but you are missing something. You are missing someone else. You already know that dry martinis and clocks are boring so you try to create something a little bit like you but of course, you can’t… You are infinitely powerful and infinity time two does not compute… So you try to come up with a mini-you, and… it works!!!! You can’t believe it, you created something that can think and create other things… Not at all at your level but nice nonetheless… unbelievable… Unbelievable… those words are messing around your infinite head in your infinitely boring universe… And then it hits you! If you create several of those and you tell them nothing about yourself (well maybe some hints here and there), watching them struggle with the big “Why” is going to give you entertainment for ages!!! And here goes the Epicurian paradox... Yes, if god exists, he is definitely a bored guy with infinitely too much time on his infinite hands…
    • Michael Scott
      So it starts with a Let there be Light(bigBang/string interaction between membranes) and the division of the light and the dark( gravitational density swirls that coalesces into stars and some more or less open space) day2 ect ect ect. By their works yea shall know them/him God mostly seems to emulate a drunk Irishman with a penchant for somewhat cruel (Im)practical jokes
    • Michael Scott
      do you follow the many worlds theory of quantum mech. Schrodinger's Cat both alive and dead, on 2 different world lines now see what God can rule in a MultiVerse created and expanded by each choice humans make. We are the coins that flip in God's Cat box:. 200 Taboo systems that mesh poorly, many "Reveled" by God, each says. Can they all be right and serve God in their in-congruence by challenging free will and adding dimensions to the number of choices that can be made not just a 2 way coin flip. this makes God very very busy, not board.
  • Because He wanted to. Not to be a smart elect or anything, but that's just the answer. He created us for Himself to serve Him. I hope that this is helpful. -In the service of the Master. Thank you and God bless you!
    • Michael Scott
      and how does free will serve god my friend
  • I bet he is asking himself that question.
  • Personally I believe it's the other way around.
  • Maybe He didn't, maybe He created Beings, and we made humans to seperate ourselves from The Infinate, only, because God Wills for our will. God please bring Unity, Omnipresent Children, please Father, Please Ascend Us! Our Father Extends His Being. God Bless
  • The bible says that God made humans to worship him. We have no other reasons of being except to praise and worship God. Why cant people see this??
  • The Mountains and Mountains of evidence point to the fact that the human race was not created, but instead evolved over a very long period of time.
    • Michael Scott
      Mankind Homo was likely created, and was done so when/with the reduction of the other Great Apes who all have 24 pair of chromosomes, base humans have 23: as in if there is a single event by an uplifting force that is likely the point of demarcation of genus Homo
  • He/she must have been bored and wanted someone to praise and adore him/her. He/ she needed someone to harass. Really I think evolution explains how we got to our present condition better than creation. More intellectually interesting to learn all about biology, chemistry, geology,etc than to say "god did it". Thats just primitive magical thinking.
  • Considering that the first 2 humans in the Bible failed horribly at following some very simple rules, and the rest of us seem hellbent on destroying ourselves and our planet, I can only imagine the following: God: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
  • He needed someone to invent him...
  • He did not.
  • For a good laugh.
  • Which god are you referring to? And also, a funny quote from H2G2: "It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the whole Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination." RIP Douglas Adams
  • The Mad Scientist, were not sure what species he was...
  • No one did, we evolved look it up on wikipedia lol
  • Aliens from another planet came to Earth to party, got drunk, and slept with Gorillas.
  • Hmmmm, 'Who?'.... perhaps it should be 'What?' In short, Nature did!
  • God. 2Peter 3:8- But, Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand and years as one day. Isaiah 43:13- I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?" John 1:3- All things were made by Him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. Jeremiah 10:12- He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.
  • No reason for the neg, +5. And I dunno.
  • Right i seem to be getting down rated for my reasonable awnser so just to make it even more helpful we evolved, that means we changed and grew over millions of years, from single cell organisms to fish to mammals (i think im not sure from single cell to chimp lol soz) to chimps to cavemen then evolution started adding the finishing touches, increasing our brain size, facial features and hieght until we get to what we are now (but then really, if im right, were still evolving our DNA is going through constant fluxuations, but before a change can take effect the change is discarded and another begins, called natural selection. i think thats right but if not then be my guest to correct me). i cannot put it simpler really, i wish i knew more about it so i could help you out more but thats why i said go to wikkipedia or even type 'human evolution in google' if you really want an awnser, youll find it. and sorry if i offend any religous people but to be honest the evidence is in the remains of our ancestors, thats pure,hard,long dead evidence against pure,invisable and unscientific evidence (y) soz its sketchy but then i cant be expected to remember the whole of my history can i? lol
    • Michael Scott
      currently de-volving civ. lets those not fit to breed, breed: and breed a lot.
  • Chimps,their closest ancestors.
    • Michael Scott
      Bonobos are a bit closer I think
  • Many people believe many different things. To each his own. I believe we were created by God.
  • I think it was Adam's rib, right?
  • In my faith. God. the book of Genesis
  • S%%t happens.
  • The Source, the All, the Whole. Call it "God", call it "Evolution" a who, an it, or a process. Whatever you want to call it, it means the same thing to me. Just different ways of looking at the same thing.
  • Prometheus.
  • Our parents?
  • God, through Jesus.
  • I took a dump in a oversized swimming pool and created microscopic organisms.
  • The Holy Father.
  • I believe God created man (humankind) in His own image.
  • hello.....ever heard of GOD?
  • And how do you know it's god's word?
  • The Big 'G' yo...
  • Some douche....
  • Thank you 'singwell-', i dont mean to offend anyone its just how i view it, but hey even still God could of given the single cell organisms the ability to form life and left nature to take care of the rest, who knows...wikipedia might lmao only kiddin but seriously i dint mean to offend any one at all, just one view among thousands, read and hear all the awnsers but take everything with a pinch of salt (dnt believe it all)and you'll be able to get your own view or answer on how the human race got here.
  • Ok ok, I know it was a big mistake, now please get over it already. I promise I won't do it again.
  • And he did this while he was on first base? Who is a busy boy.
  • Not sure... Evolution happened, as far as I know.
  • Deucalion and Pyrrha, after the flood, by veiling their faces and throwing behind them the bones of their mother. ^_^ {I love Greek mythology!!!!}
  • well according to scientific discovery this week, we came from jellyfish. always knew they were smart.
  • No a person. Evolution did it. If you want to understand evolution, read a book about it, one written by (real) scientists. Or this introduction:
  • Well, I dunno about you, but my mother and father created me. ;)
  • The answer is in the question: 'when did the human beings get extra capacity of imagination to think of the concept of God?'
    • Michael Scott
      Likely came with the chromosome grafting from 24 pairs to 23 pairs and 2 million years to use a thumb and tongue and build a prefrontal cortex to go with them
  • He doesn't have cable.
  • It's the other way round I'm afraid.
  • To love and be loved and to share life with them on Earth and, if the person chooses, in Heaven.
  • she probably didn't have anything to do, so she decided to get a pet
  • My guess = To serve Him?
  • Perhaps he was bored and created everyone in his image so he could surprise himself all the time.
  • So they can ask dumb questions!
  • the bible says that he created man to exist on earth. psalms 115:16 says: "as regards the heavens, to Jehovah the heavens belong, but the earth he has given to the sons of men." the bible also explains that first God created his angelic celestial creatures. these number in the miriads of miriads. after he created his heavenly family, he went on to create everything else that exists in the universe. one of these creations is a certain planet which he prepared for his organic creation. this planet is no other than planet earth, "the footstool to Jehovah God's feet." thus he prepared earth for mankind, to reside in it in perfection, in paradasaic conditions, and to live on earth forever without ever having to die. so beautiful was his creation to his angelic sons that in job 38:7 it reads: "when the morning stars joyfully cried out together, and all the sons of God began shouting in applause." it's as if God had kept this creation of earth shrouded from his angels only to surprise them with the beauty of this magnificent planet. that God's purpose of living on earth forever has not come to past is not God's fault. for more information go go
    • Michael Scott
      Jah Hoe Va: God's name less the voules, which in hebrew are implied I'm told
  • It was a slow day and he was bored. : )
  • Amusement.
  • To entertain and worship him..I guess god got bored :)
  • There is no god.
  • GOD was 'created', --at different times in our recent history-- by some middleman self-appointed pimps-of-God with clear conflict of 'priest-ly' interest! GOD was the first 'business idea' of selling a 'virtual' product of 'eternal afterlife' at a premium to 'members only' at a price. The membership was 'blind faith' and the 'premium-price' was parting with precious 'material' worldly possessions [like the 'best cuts' of a sacrificial offering, best food, cloth, spices]; or worse, one's 'first-born' child &/or from one's flock! Such product can have no 'money back guarantee' and would be unlawful today! Nobody can 'come back from dead' to question the God-pimps for cheating. Even God could not escape the premium-price of His own 'creation' by man and for the Presidency of the consumer-club in His name. Wasn't Jesus God's 'first-born?!
    • Michael Scott
      said to be the world's second oldest profession
  • he was lonely? But I found some website about this
  • Contrary to the teachings of the religious right, even God makes mistakes! Joking! Joking! [oh, here come the DG's...and mostly from God!]
  • Needed a laugh and ended up weeping.
  • It seems to me that you have the situation backwards.
  • Concept of 'God' & religion is ‘surplus to requirement’ of cooperative human endeavour on planet earth. Gospelgirl and all others who believe in God because their parents made them believe --at an early stage of their life when they were vulnerable and dependent-- may be forgiven as victims of unintended or 'traditional' mind-molesting, or mind-rape (called 'brain-washing' against communists). But those who believe in God after the calendar-age of 18 in this day and age 'only because a certain Book says so' must be plain stupid. The same book[s] say a load of implausible rubbish and one is 'not allowed' to 'pick and choose'. And those who perpetuate such 'belief in [any] God' for some personal stake, or wider communal 'priest-ly interest' [all God-house-institutions, God-kennels, and God-brothels; with apologies to dogs and prostitutes] are criminals of humanity and future generations of all life on earth, plants included.
  • Primitive man and greedy Shaman were the father of God. God can't exist outside human mind. It would be "primitive magical imagination" to give the name of "creator God" to the "physical force" behind 'Big Bang'. Even if that were so, to believe TODAY that "that force" retains some sort of interest in every individual end-product ‘human’ after so-many billion solar years [or 7000 Bible-years] beggars belief. So surely, there is no "belief-love-obedience-submission-demanding, prayer-answering-ignoring, punishing-rewarding type” 'God'. Things just happen by physical and biological force and by chemical reactions. The ‘biological forces’ are very well defined: at their most basic level, ‘pleasure from sex’ and ‘pain from danger’ are enough for survival and propagation of a species. That's all there is to it, folks!

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