• The pope was a Mafia boss only thing is he wasn't in jail
  • Now, now. What would you learn if someone just handed you the answers? Keep in mind that when Mussolini came to power in the 20's he hated the Mafia(and vice-versa), and even had his hat stolen by them during a speaking tour in Sicily. Luciano was in prison, but he only gave a little bit of help in regards to the invasion of Sicily in '43, with maps and such. Vito Genovese was already in Italy in '37(to escape persecution in the US) and worked both sides, helping Il Duce(by contributing to his campaign and arranging a hit in the US on one of his political rivals)until the tides turned in the war. Then he switched to helping the Americans as a translator. He ended up getting busted for black market activities and was brought back to the US. I'd go with Mussolini's daughter. Was this answer designed to help or hurt you in your quest? Researching it yourself would benefit you greatly in this homework assignment ;-)

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