• Evil intentional causes harm.
  • Evil is deceptive. Bad is not.
  • When total disregard for others is required for your action.
  • I draw 2 lines. Theres a huge gray area in between, where things aren't good or evil. Evil is malicious, mean, deliberate victimizing of other people. Good things are healthy, kind, helpful things. In between are things that aren't good, but aren't necessarily evil either. Not watching where you are going, not being careful, accidentally annoying other people, etc. No evil intentions, but forgivable obliviousness.
  • Between my two sisters
  • Bad is more of a misguided 'crime of passion' done in hot-blood without really wanting to hurt another person. To qualify as evil it has to be more cold-blooded, cunning, pre-meditated, deliberately malicious, deceitful and hurtful. Good question. To draw a line, I'd say bad is forgivable but evil is not.
  • In front of the mega church on the next block
  • Bad is easily forgivable... evil, not so much
  • Exactly at the creep between them... I can see light rays escaping through that gap.
  • I'm currently trying to work that out because i'm not entirely sure.
  • Permanent harm to someone is evil, overcomeable things are merely bad(or good:P )
  • Food can get bad A movie can be bad and a waste of your time You can get a bad grade on a test You can do a bad job when you paint the house/mow the lawn, clean house No undercurrent or ulterior motive in "bad". Evil, however, is something has a purpose/motive/ destroy/annihilate/conquer. :(
  • Rule No:452 of life,before doing something think if it would be fine if it happened to you if not then its bad or evil.( bad and evil both bring degrees of pain and unhappiness}do something good or do nothing.
  • well, bad is in everyone isn't it? no one can be all good. Evil, well thats when you destroy someone else's life, when you make the decision of how someone else's life is going to turn out and you deliberately manipulate and take advantage of the situation to make it worse and not able to be fixed.
  • i dont
  • there is no line its more like a fadeout, evil doesn't come to you in a demonic form it is usually someone bearing a smile
  • if it breaks your own morals and values
  • evil is worse than bad
  • The word bad to me means something not good for me or anything else. Evil to me is blatant wrong doing of something that goes against what you believe to be right. What is okay and good in to one person might be evil in the eyes of another. It's all a matter of perspective, although there are some things that most people can agree upon.
  • I'm not sure it's really a case of a line that marks a place that is crossed over to pass from "Bad" to "Evil." That's too much like crossing the RioGrande River to get from Mexico to the U.S. Whereas it is possible to draw or cross a line (a river) to pass from one place to another (Mexico to the U.S.) when the two places share the same existence of both being countries. That makes sense. But in the case of passing over a line to get from "Bad" to "Evil", that doesn't make as much sense. Why not? Because they do not share the same quality, they are disimilar entities. "Bad" is an adjective that describes, in most cases a noun that can be compared to as the opposite of “good”, with their levels of inensity and origins being the essential commonality between them. An action can be good or bad, with their similar essentials being compared. Whereas, "Evil" is an adjective that describes something that is much more elementary, much deeper, more innate than a simple description of "Bad". It is more a state of being, an undoable, irreversible state of existence exactly as it is, existing within a person or a spirit or state of mind or the actions of one of those, with no comparison possible to be made with the adjective of "good," “Good” bears no resemblence in its reality of depth to "Evil". "Good" isn't even a close match in its source of origin to the depth at which the unknown sourch of origin of "Evil" exists, and the vastness of what it encompasses throughout the entire soul of what it inhabits. “Good” falls pathetically short of even being able to consider itself “Evil’s opposite. "Evil" is a magnified horrific state of being that exists without any beginning or end, through no fault of its own. Spawned from an unknown source, it just IS, in all its magnificent ugliness! It's most clearly understood when relating it to a being such as Satan, or the Devil – the ultimate antithesis to the heights of God. One can't bring it down to the level of food that is bad, or an action that is bad, or a child's behavior that is bad. They are too mundane to even stand in the same class with "Evil". "Evil" exists in a world all its own, with nothing that could claim to be its equal, except for the sheer ultimate "goodness" that exists in God. That is "Evil's" only comparison in force of strength. "Evil" is something to fear and banish. "Bad" is only something to witness, avoid, discuss, discard and possibly punish or scold and repremand. They aren't related at all. Not even cousins! “Where do you draw the line between bad and evil?” is not a question that has an answer. There is no line because they are worlds apart, not just across a line from each other. They are unlike each other in every way. Their worlds do not even coexist as do the worlds of Good and Bad. "Evil" is something you can feel. "Bad" is just something you know about and react to. "Evil' is alive and very active in a dark, horrific way." "Bad" is just a slap on the hand compared to "Evil". "Evil" has no beginning and no end. "Bad" is something that is taught, or accidentally occurs. Or it can describe a food, as someone else said, or a taste, or the weather. "Evil" could never be applied to any of those. It would almost be funny, if it weren't so terrible. There is no line between them or connecting them, because they are not the same entity at all!

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