• don't turn your head to the left. its the muscles in your neck, give it time and it will get better. if not, see a doctor.
  • Possibly a trapped nerve. Give it a little massage and see if that helps.
  • sometimes all it needs is a little bit of time. Take tylenol, and wait a day or two
  • You can stop the pain with these two simple steps: 1. Sleep with your neck the right way; and 2. Don't turn your head to the left
  • Stretch it... don't let it get too stiff by not working it out. Heating pads work. Icy/Hot helps too.
  • Ice it then put a heating pad on it..alternating it for 10 mins. each. See which works better...heat will work better on muscles, ice on skeletal problems.
  • i feel your pain.i did the same thing teusday and it's still bad.i'm taking somas and getting the massage girl over here tomorrow.try heat or soak in a hot batht with epsom salt.
  • Ice for 10 min. Then heat for 15 min. Do this for one hour alternating heat and cold. Take some Ibupriffin (advil). In about 3 hrs do it all again. Do not try stretching it. Do not force it. It's a strained muscle and can get worse by forcing it.
  • Oh, a stiff neck! I think the only way to heal it is to let time do its job. It'll eventually go away. Stretching is scary when you don't know the right way to do it. Might make it worse or Idk.

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