• Well,it would take me sometime to answer.May be next 4 years.
  • To soon to tell, the jury is still out. to expect a results from the president with in less than three months is ludicrous. Be more worried about congress, they hold all the power.
  • I like McCain better, but the idea of him dying and Barbie Doll becoming President was unpalatable. I like Obama, but Biden is a rascally weasel. Not as bad as Cheney, but bad.
  • No I do not. I feel he was the best choice so I voted for him.
  • No, they corrected a Bigger mistake by removing the Republican Party from power.
  • Yes, Americans made a very big mistake electing Obama as our president, and people are now starting to realize it.
  • The biggest in the entire history of America.
  • Americans didn't have much choice...both were and are bad for the country...I voted but I did not vote for president...there was no way I could vote for either one....I do not give my vote away easily anyone running from dog catcher to president had better give me positive proof of why I should vote for them...I refuse to vote for the "lessor of two evils" to me that is a sham.. It is time for the people to regain their REPUBLIC and get away from this democracy mentality. The USA is NOT a democracy and has never been one! In the next few years you will not recognize the USA and it may not even exist if our current illegal president and controlled congress is not stopped. It is time to take the USA back for the people of the republic!
  • Most people don't realize exactly what the word OBAMA really stands for. One Big Ass Mistake America. OBAMA
  • No. Americans make a continuing mistake by not junking the two political parties we have now and building new ones.
  • I believe it was a mistake. I think he was elected more "because" of his race than in spite of it. America wanted to prove to the world that our racial problems are behind us, but electing the leader of the free world based on his color and to lash out at the Republicans was not the way to do it. I think any Democrat could have won, considering the state of affairs Bush left us with. They say history repeats itself, and I think we now hava a black Jimmy Carter.
  • Well time will answer that question as it does all others.I do agree though as there are several small parties outthere than they be lookrd more closely at.Not junk the 2 main ones as they are called.I think that it will only enhance the process of voting if those smaller parties have more of a voice.Them and the members of those parties.If ya like what ya see and hear from them.Vote for em!!!..Coukd make things
  • No doubt in my mind they did. I am sure some people who voted for him in November will regret very soon.
  • No. Ask the question again in 4 years time when he has had a chance.
  • Well we didn't have very good options now did we? the pickins were slim if you know what im sayin.
  • No worse than if they had elected McCain
  • I don't think like that. Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No, they corrected the error made in 2004 reelection Bush.
  • This is one time we got it right more than we could ever imagine. If you are ultra rich he is not your enemy, he is giving you tough love. If you are of the average American trying to make ends meet and just get through each day he is your savior. If you are poor he is trying his best, give him time, he will come through for you.
  • Although I didn't vote for him (voted for Bob Barr), I thought it was a good choice. My first doubt was yesterday when in the speech to the Marines, after saying that the US will continue to help Iraq after we leave and that we will strive to work with both Syria and Iran, he said something about the US continuing to have a leadership role in the middle east. This will be translated to we will continue to be in charge in the middle east and that is not what they want to hear.
  • Didn't vote for him - I guess time will tell.
  • Give the guy a chance
  • NO. The other choice was lame brain McCain. Four more years of Bush.
  • He was clearly the best choice available.
  • Well, 53% of the people would likely answer NO to that question, and 46% of the people would likely answer YES. Uncoincidentally, those were the percentages from the election as well.

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