• well first you become 1 of her best friends then have your best friend ask her out 4 u and if she says no try again in a month or 2
  • Walk up to her and say, "I like you." And that my friend is how you tell a girl you like her. ☺
  • I don't think you need to be as blunt as that. Start slow. Find out what she likes to do and take her to that. Maybe it is as simple as having coffee with her or a movie. The key is to be confident, but not cocky. Let her know who you are on the inside. Let her know what you enjoy in life. Show her the real you. Don't worry about being cool. Just be relaxed and enjoy life. Then, if you connect with her on an emotional level then you will have her. It really is about feelings for her. Boys and men are just too linear for their own good when it comes to women. To guys, it is all about steps and achievements and events. For women, it is about the emotional connection.
  • probably by asking her out

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