• Why would he be be? He's a robot.
  • He's a robot. He has no sexual preference.
  • Androids are asexual. I know this cause I asked a Trekie.
  • He was definitely gay for R2D2!!!
  • if your talkin about the guy in the robot then the answer is no, why u got a thing for robots.. cause i know a guy with a pretty big disk drive. lol
  • No. Protocol droids may be programmed with either 'male' or 'female' personalities (TC-14, the silver protocol droid that brings Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon coffee, had a female personality, for instance). But in either case, because a protocol droid's function is etiquette, translation, and social interaction, they are programmed with meek, subservient, non-threatening personalities. 3PO sounds effeminate so he won't risk upsetting an organic during a tense diplomatic negotiation, political discussion, or tricky meeting between rival parties--the kind of situations protocol droids are made to assist with. You wouldn't want the droid who is translating the phrase 'please don't eat me, I'm on a diplomatic mission' into the local dialect to sound like a swaggering, macho, pushy jerk. It might make things worse.
  • No. He's just British. Kidding. It's a robot.
  • A once saw a cartoon of him with R2D2 that would suggest - YES.
    • Ice man
      I just knew it !! I always figured the little one was stickin' it to that Cp30.

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