• Bad vision does not discriminate, anyone can have it at any age. I suggest if you need bifocals to correct your vision and to be able to see, then get them, otherwise you are straining your eyes to read, and see things around you.
  • Everyone is different. There are even some children who wear bifocals. If you are farsighted, you will experience this problem earlier than a person who is nearsighted. Use a search engine of your choice, and type in "latent hyperopia" or a combination of "farsighted+bifocals".
  • There is no set age for eye problems or problems with eyesight . Tiny babies have very poor eyesight It is just a fact of life. Do not worry about age being a factor the main factor is being able to see well and to refrain from eyestrain and headaches. Get your glasses and be happy with them
  • 40 is the avg age when the eyes start to go. I was right on schedule. Try some of those cheapy reading glasses at the drugstore to see if that helps temporarily.
  • I would have a second opinion Redundant, just to be on the safe side ive worn glasses since i wear a child i recently had an experience when i went for my check up, the optician asked me to read down with those lenses, unfortuanlty the lenses they gave me were too weak i went some where else put it this way i will never use that optician again. Im totally useless without my glasses or contact lenses
  • Yes, this is very common at your age. I worked as an assistant at an ophthalmologist. It was very common to see those in their upper 30's and 40's needing to switch to bifocals.
  • You can require to wear Bifocals at any age, truthfully age has nothing to do with it eyesight problems can start at a very young age, i my self have worn glasses most of my life i wear BI FOCALS and im in my early 30s, i know of children who wear bifocals its nothing to be ashamed of your eyes are preious things look after them wear your new glasses with pride you will notice a big diffrence when yuour wearing them.
  • i would go get your eyes checked if youre having problems

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