• you should just ask her out!!! but i am wondering is she considered popular?
  • Do you know her name? That might be helpful. I personally like to get to know a girl better before I ask her out. There really isn't much I can do to give you the courage other then to tell you that you are going to have to do it eventually. I'm 24 and I still feel scared when I am asking a girl out. Good luck
  • Well if i were you id get to know her first take steps to get to know her dont drop ur personality on her right away then slowly ull probably see the signs wheter she likes you or not and to be honest its nice and easy at 14 cos if some girl finds out u like her then she'll probably end up asking you if its true THEN IS THE TIME FOR THE STRIKE MUWAHAHAHAHA pounce(not on her)when this happens ask her to the movies or summin
  • y'know what? time her when she's not with the other girls, go straight to her and tell her very politely and confidently that," hi, your looks intimidate me but when i gain some courage i will come and ask you out cuz i want to get to know what makes you look so good." OR " hi i dont know if you like me ,but one thing iknow is that i like you and want to go watch this movie with you." whatever the answer she gives you, buld a conversation basing on that. rememeber dont show nervousness be confident, smile,look in her eyes once in a while every after three seconds then look away like to any other part of her body thenback, like that while making a convesation that will last maximum 5 minutes for the begining.
  • Whatever you can do to give yourself an extra push to just go for it do because that always helps me. It may sound stupid but when i know i have to do something and i dont 'feel' like doing it or feel a little under-couraged then i write small things down on my hand because i always end up seeing them and somehow this always helps me to push myself to do things that are hard to do. Its sounds stupid, but whatever you can do to help yourself and make thimgs easier , do them. And when you see her push yourself to go over to her and talk to her. I always say to myself, 'make things easier for yourself, not harder'. And the more you dont take chances the harder it will be as you will be annoyed at yourself and have less courage. And always think positive. Good luck!
  • the safest way of getting close to this girl is not to just walk up to her and ask for a date.the safest way is to find out,from her friends maybe,what she likes,what shes interested in,what shes involved in etc.if she spends a lot of time at the library then start hanging out at the library,if she skates,then start skating yourself.the more often that you run into her and exchange hellos and a few words the more comfortable that you two will feel with each other.after a few times meeting this way it feel like the right thing to do,to ask her if you could walk her home.theres no need for rush,shes probably as nervous as you.
  • Just do it, whats the worst she can say?
  • You should just ask her. The worst thing she could do is say no.(even though tou probably wouldn't be very happy about that) anyways....i'm a freshman in high school and there was this guy i really liked. i'm really shy so i didn't really talk to him that much, but he started talking to me a couple of months ago. we have a couple of the same classes so we talked during that time. then, about 3 weeks ago, he asked me out. he told me recently that he was really nervous, but he decided to just ask. i hope that helps.
  • Start by talking to her :) Say hello! Smile at her, ask her her name, ask her for homework help, or to study with you, etc. Don't just approach a girl you've never talked to before and ask her out. You'll be setting yourself up for a "no".
  • If you don't ask you'll never know. Man UP and ask. If she say's no find 10 other girls you like and 1 has to say yes.
  • i know how you feel, i like a girl thats in 3 of my classes and ive tried kinda flirting with her, but its mostly just looking in her eyes and smiling when she sees me i try to make her laugh when its as casually as i can im going to slowly talk to her more and ill ask her sister if she knows who the girl i like, likes. then ill either out her out or her sister will tell her and if she asks me if she was telling the truth ill ask her out
  • try talking to her on myspace if she has one. that way you dont feel preasured. Cuz you know if you were in front of her you might feel REALLY scard like i was. myspace works, just dont ask her out on it.
  • well. just be nice to her and get to know her alittle more you say you already knew her a little and like get her number and text her and be like we should hang out and like when things start to heat up take her to the movies and be like i have liked you for awhile and this is so much fun and i dont want to this to ever end will you be my girlfriend ? and if she says yes kiss her and if she says no be like can we stil be good friends and hang out cause i dont want to lose you as a friend
  • Remember that she's just a girl, not a goddess. As overused as the advice is, just be yourself, and relax. If she says no, I promise the world is not going to blow up. (If she says yes, it might :p) If she does something as cruel as laughing in your face, realize then and there that she is not the kind of girl you want anyway. Just start out talking to her, invite her to a group event (try to make sure it's something you know she has an interest in) with some friends, and go from there. The date should be much less awkward with some other people to help break the ice.
  • I think the first step is to say hello and introduce yourself. Find some common ground but make sure that your questions aren't to personal.
  • ask her out anyways before some other guy does
  • ask her out. what is the worst thing that can happen? she turns you down, smacks you?
  • I agree with the general, Learn her name and her likes and dislikes. She's more likely to say yes if its doing something she likes. If you don't know anything about the things she likes look it up online and learn about it. Become an expert and impress her! That'll build your confidence!
  • Find the courage somewhere! The same thing happened to me - and I never asked her out. I soon lost track of her and tried desperately to find her. I wrote a wonderful song for her and wanted to let her know how I still felt after 32 years. The next time I saw her after that was at her funeral 5 years later. And I still haven't gotten over her. It was because of losing her that I've never been able to get into a successful relationship. Don't let it happen to you.
  • This is simple. If you don't ask her out, you will NEVER go out with her. If you do ask her out - no matter HOW bad a job you do - that is the ONLY CHANCE YOU HAVE. Now, what's scarier: knowing that you will NEVER, EVER date her, or taking a shot, no matter how big a fool you might make of yourself in the attempt?

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