• Would this person really be bad at the job and it would effect you personally? If not I would let them have there job reference. I would not lie I think I would just find the positive things about the person and say those things. Who am I to deny a job to someone. Now if the job was a surgeon and the person was bad then HECK YEAH!!!
  • Usually you ask whether you can use someone as a reference because you have an idea about how they view you. Have you been honest with your friend about how you view them or have you been putting on a front?
  • Anyone wanting to list you as a reference on a job application should always - YES, ALWAYS - let you know in advance and ask your permission.
  • If I had not worked with or employed this friend I would tell the perspective employer exactly that. It would not be a lie. If the employer pressed I would encourage the employer to call my friends past employers as I would not be qualified to give the reference in the first place. I would choose my words carefully. You will not be the only reference they call. Let someone else spill the beans. LOL I know that sounds tacky, but honestly, someone else will talk.
  • That sort of reference is a personal one, and should only be about character issues. If you are the sort of person who would deliberately hurt a friend because of some compulsion toward honesty, then you are no kind of friend at all.
  • Tell the truth. Even though this person is a friend, if in your heart you know this person will not make a good employee, for whatever reason, tell the truth. It will come back to haunt you, if you do not.

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