• Mr. Christie
  • This is what a search at the <> gave when I searched for the origin of this most frequently used common phrase. . '"That's the way the cookie crumbles" is a saying often uttered to someone who might have suffered a recent misfortune or may be experiencing a run of bad luck. Or is it? Apparently scientists in good ol' London England were determined to get to the root cause of the cookie crumbling problem and set out to do some research on the matter. According to some news reports that I saw yesterday, cookie lovers worldwide have been dismayed for years when that when they opened their package of snacks, some of the little taste treats were not intact and in fact, were mere crumbs. For years, this phenomenon was attributed to the way in which the cookies were packed up and shipped. To me, that sounded like a reasonable explanation but then again, I'm no scientist.'. .
  • Crumbling cookies. That was easy!
  • I first saw it in bruce almighty when theyre eating the giant cookie. That movie is hilarious.

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