• Know your enemy, simply. And by that, I mean that the bigger they are, albeit stronger or just more dense, the slower they move. I would advise you use their strength and power against them. Don't try to block their attacks, but deflect them, and if you can do that, you get an easy opening to do some damage.
  • It all depends on how each opponent moves ... is the big guy a boxer, a wrestler, a Taekwondo kicker ... is the big guy armed & with what ... is this a friendly game of tag for points or a desperate kill or be killed real fight ??? ... there are so many different ways that a bigger guy can attack and/or defend that more info is needed before an accurate answer can be given ... specific styles, counter moves, or defensive techniques will depend on exactly what specific attacking styles, moves, and techniques are being used by the bigger guy ... ... I can suggest simple things like NOT trying to win a trade off slug fest ... NOT trying to over power a bigger guy ... consider (depends on how big guy fights) dropping low for kicks to ankles or knees or jumping high for kicks to the head while avoiding the normal standing space in the middle ... or consider staying in the normal standing space and using limb trapping grabs & joint locks/breaks against punches & kicks ... consider pokes & gouges to eyes or throat ... __________ ... "A warrior's greatest weapon is and will always be, wisdom, therefore we should keep our minds even sharper than we keep our swords." Tokugawa.
  • The medieval master Ott advised the following in unarmed combat. Note that by "wrestling", he means all-in unarmed combat. This translation is from the ARMA website copyright 2004: “In all wrestling there should be three things / the first is the skill / Another is the quickness / The third is a proper application of strength / Thus you should note that the best is / The quickness which does not allow one to use a counter / Next you should note / that with every weaker [person] one should wrestle before / and with every equal one should wrestle with / and with every stronger [person] one should wrestle after / and in all wrestling before works the quickness / In all wrestling with works the scale / and in all wrestling after works the bending of a knee” What he's saying is that with a stronger, larger (or even just more stabile and balanced) person one is better off waiting to counter, and attend to the bending of the knee (both yours and his)... use the bend of his knee to unbalance him, and make sure he doesn't do the same to you.
  • Have a good attorney. : )
  • If you don't already know - then don't risk life in trying and leg it out of there. Seriously. You don't go into a war if you don't have some sort of training beforehand.

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