• Interesting! I never considered it before. Are they behind everyone else? If they came first, then wouldn't that put them ahead of us? At least in a few categories?
  • Not necessarily
  • Yes, that's exactly what is implied. As a matter of fact, it's all but explicitly stated. (Listen to my eyes rolling.)
  • Go back and try to understand what natural selection actually means. This answer implies no insult to anyone's intelligence.
  • Why? Because they're still there?
  • Good question. The answer is no. If I take a black cat born in Asia, take it to the US and one of it's descendants is a white kitten, it does not change the species. Humans are one species and thus, none are more highly evolved than others. Differences like skin color are not indicative of advances in evolution anymore than the color of a parakeet is. Certain minor differences among races are more indicative of adaptations that are beneficial for climate but hardly enough to indicate species difference. saying one race is more highly evolved than another would be like saying a Siamese cat is more highly evolved than a tabby which is simply not the case.
  • There is more than one theory of the "origin" of humans. Another theory is that there were more than two origins. One was Africa, another Asia; with a third of Europe. Neaderthal Man was discovered in the area which is now Germany, so it was obvious that there were some type of humanoids in that area.
  • 5-25-2017 Well, first you would have to prove evolution, which nobody has ever done. They just bribed the colleges to start new departments devoted to it, and all students are forced to pretend to believe it or else get their degrees someplace else. Besides, every time you try to apply evolution to real life, the evolutionists say that's not how evolution works. So it's all pretending, no matter how you go at it.
  • If you look at it that way, they are the only pure race. The rest of us are genetic mutations. If you watch Dr. Steven Wells the Origin of man you will find there is a man who is the "father of all," the missing link for all races. He lives in a remote area of Russia.
  • No. The characteristics of the various races are adapted due to the climate and the angle of the sun's rays.
  • 9-12-2017 Whoa nellie! You really, really need to learn what the words mean. "Out of Africa" is not a theory, it is a convenient handle for a casual assumption. If you read the bible, the garden of Eden extended about 1500 miles east west and south about half way down the continent of Africa. So "out of Africa" could easily be called a revelation. But it still is not a theory and it does not prove anything. "Evolution" does not even have that much of a foundation. BTW more than 50% of the world's population lives within about 2,000 miles of the Indus Valley, and that makes it pretty likely that humanity originated within that circle.

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