• I used if for 2 months. After about the first week the anxious feeling regarding the cigarettes was gone. I really didn't care if I had a cigarette or not. I am currently in my 4th month without a cigarette and yes I still crave one ocassionally, but I can get past it without lighting up. The pill does seem to cause a gassy bloating feeling especially in the morning, but by eating breakfast, you can mitigate the feelings. I fully recommend it.
  • I tried it, and it did not do anything, zip, zadda, Nothing, to help me quit smoking. I had big hopes in quitting, and I was very disappointed in Chantix!
  • My neighbor used it to quit successfully, but he did have some depression with it. His spark was just gone while he was on it, he didn't have his usually wit. But he said it was worth doing for his wife and kids, as he wants to be there to grow old with them. However, after a bad car wreck a couple of weeks ago, he has picked the habit up again. The stress just got to him.
  • It worked good for me. I didn't have any reaction to the pills like a lot of people did. I had some irritability, but I don't think that it was the drug, but just the annoyance of not smoking. The thing to remember with Chantix, is to take all the pills you're supposed to. The first time I tried it, I quit taking the pills after the first month. I figured I wasn't smoking so why keep taking them, right? Wrong. Take the full three months to help fight the urge. Good luck.

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