• I am not a parent, but I would agree with that assessment.
  • its happening right now with me. im not a parent but im drifting away from my dad and it isnt my fault
  • i agree with nevets but im only one out of four people i know who have a caring family that haven't divorsed yet.
  • I am a parent and I am very close with my son. I have always had a close relationship with my mother and wouldnt have it any other way. I do hope that mine doesnt drift apart from me...ever.
  • I have a pair of friends who both work and have a 3 year old. The kid is in daycare 40 hours a week, and goes to bed at 8PM. Weekends the kid spends with grandparents. My friends spend maybe 10 to 15 hours a week with this kid. That could be why you might see some drift in some families.
  • It could be because we keep track of our kids through text messages and phone calls. When I was a kid, I came home to check in and I was home at night to eat a family meal and watch TV with them. We had BBQ's on the weekend and my B/F wasn't always allowed to come over. I HATED it as a kid, but guess what, I do it now to my kids. I make my teen sing in the car with me and I hug my 8 yo in front of his friends. Tough, their mom loves them and they have to deal with it!
  • maybe its just me and my friends but we are all very close to our parents and families. this is coming from sophomores in highschool to juniors in college and we all come from different schools and areas. if children and parents are drifting its both their faults for not making enough effort.
  • IN my experiance...some parents are too focused on their own childhood/teen years and how great it was for them to notice how great it is for thier kids now. Stop living in the past and enjoy them NOW before it is too late.
  • I agree that it can be easier these days than in the past when I was younger....some 35 years ago. Technology has helped us in many ways with cell phones, texting, computers,,,e-mailing etc. However,it has also isolated us in some ways. I had to come home at a certain time every day/night. We ate dinner every night as a family...or as often as we could...4/5 times a week. We played board games, cards, went on walks together, watched T.V. together and spent time with eachother.Technology is great for communicating when we are apart.....however, we still need to make the effort....both parents and kids to spend time together doing things that we both feel are fun. You cannot get back time and it is the most precious gift you can give someone. Find some commmon ground and connect with your kids/parents. YOu only have one chance to do it before the kids are off on their own. My Dad died last year and I regret not spending even more time with him than I already did. There are no "DO OVER'S" in life...get it right the first time...oh, and turn off the T.V.,the P.C. the cell phone...and have an UNPLUGGED NIGHT...see what happens
  • It's because both parents work. Kids are left in day cares as little ones, then are in school all the time when they're older. They see their parents in the evenings and on weekends and holidays. There's no sense of attachment, no love bond. In my opinion, that also leads to other youthful problems such as drug abuse, gang involvement, cutting, etc. The teens don't do it because they're "bad", but because they feel disconnected from their family and heritage.
  • I raised four sons who are professional men with families now. We were very close. They played, football, baseball and basketball. I was there at all the games for them. We were very close and talked about everything. Now they have kids of their own but both husband and wives work all the time. The kids are also (TOO) busy to be together as a family. Gosh I hardly see my own grand kids. It seems to be all about the money, the STUFF and JUNK rather than love, affection and just "BEING" there for and with one another. I am a widow, with a lady friend who has a 12 year old grandson whom I see all the time. We fish, hike, camp, read together. He is a cool kid, kind, respectful and loving. Why aren't my grand kids ever available. I am right in the same town, retired and would love to do the same with them.
  • Every generation blames the one before. Unfortunately the answers don't come to our own children until they have kids. Then they seem to understand and see more of what we went thru. As a parent with grown children I feel this way. It is a tough journey for all.
  • Yes, parents do. We have a situation wherein the daughter has not been to see us in 4 years time - and this is the 2nd time that has happened to us. She has time to go everywhere but here and always alot of excuses as to why, usually blaming everyone but herself. We never see her kids either. When I asked for a pic of them , she said she did not feel like it. All she wants to do is talk on the phone to her dad and he is not too enthused about doing that any more given how things are. It is a very sad situation. She's into texting and the cell phone thing too and we were not raised that way as those things did not exist then. We went and saw our parents and felt duty with love ....times have changed I guess. It is all what they feel like doing for themselves any more...
  • No. Parents and children are not drifting apart any more than they ever have. In fact, modern parents spend more time with their children than ever before. 100 years ago, parents did not spend much time at engaging in leisure activities and so on. The parents spent most of the time working, the kids were sent to work as soon as they were able and life was nothing more than a struggle for survival. Often, fathers were absent as they worked away and had little to do with their offspring. There have always been generational difficulties with each generation believing the current one to be way worse than theirs. Yes, society changes but society has always changed.

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