• Oh, I'd have to go count them. Right now, I think it's 10-12 complete sets in standard double and queen.
  • Queen size, I have about four or five sets but usually only use one as I tend to remove them, wash and put right back on. I take one of the extras when I go on vacation and rarely use the others for various reasons, like flannel too warm and one set I just don't care for the texture.
  • I got smart, and got rid of the extra sets that were only taking up space. so we have two sets for each bed, one single, one double... while one set is being washed, the other set is on the beds.
  • We'll I've got two different places. And here at this place I've got one set for a King size bed. And one set for what ever they call it, that is one size above a twin. Over at the main place. I've got about 20 sets for twin size. And 4 sets for a Queen size..........Plus 5 for your question.
  • What sheets?? I've got a bundle of sheet of paper, two dozen metal sheets that I bought for my project, some plastic sheets, asbestos sheets-16, galvanized tin sheets-2(the last two for the construction work going on around our house)
  • ive got around 12 double sheets and 6 single maybe more .
  • 4 Queen size 2 Full size 2 Twin
  • I have sets of sheets all over the place...but lord knows why! I use the same set of sheets over and over again, taking them off, washing them and putting them right back on. Kings, by the way. [Hi, NUNYA...Good morning to ya!]
  • I have 3 for a queen size bed and then the crib sheets

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