• There are "tricks" you can employ to learn lists of data. I remember in highschool, and that was in 1966, I learned the filing class of things by a simple question. Can Pxxxx Fuck Or Cum Giving Sex? This allowed me to remember Class, Phylum,Family, Order, Genis, Species. A little juvinal and not necessarily polite, but hey, I was 16 years old and now at 60, I still remember it.
  • I think they're all Loosely based on the techniques you mentioned but here's a comprehensive list you may want to check out
  • 5-29-2017 Any bookstore with a "self help" section has several books on memory tricks. The most surprising thing you learn is that after practicing the trick, you can remember stuff just because you want to. The next thing you learn is that if you stop practicing, you stop remembering.
  • Slow down and pay attention longer to whats present.

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