• DD-732 Builder: Bath Iron Works, Bath Me. Laid Down: November 22, 1943 Launched: April 8, 1944 Commissioned: June 16, 1944 Decommissioned: November 16, 1969 (Stricken) Fate: Sold October 13, 1970 and broken up for scrap After preparing for Korean duty in 1951, she steamed with her division to Wonsan for shore bombardment on 6 November, and remained in the area until 22 February 1952. During 1954 and 1955, the Hyman took part in anti-sub operations in the Caribbean and Atlantic. After a 1957 Mediterranean cruise, she returned to the states and served west of the Azores as a station ship in the historic Mercury Space Project. She sailed to Costa Rica as a result of the Cuban missile crisis in March 1963. While conducting training exercises in September 1965, she was ordered to search for a chlorine barge on the Mississippi River during Hurricane "Betsy". She served as a training ship from 1967 to 1970, when she was struck from the list and sold for scrap. This was taken from a USS Hyman website.

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