• Awesome...
  • All pets talk and it is of course awesome. It's just most people don't hear them. And they understand perfectly well when spoken to politely. If I ask my cat to sit on a chair at the table nicely while we eat dinner, he will. If I ask him to be a little more gentle with the kittens when playing, most of the time he'll tone things down a little, or at least just stand there with a paw on the kitten's head while he considers what he's been told. He will also come and tell me when he wants more food, when another cat wants to come in from outside or when he wants to go under the bed covers. However, if I ask him to not go and turn on the faucet to give himself a little shower, especially as he never turns it off after himself, he just ignores me. But then he thinks that I don't understand personal cleanliness quite as well as he does.
  • My youngest cat thinks he is talking to me. It would be awesome, but I could imagine him asking for treats all day.
  • AWESOME! I like dogs better than people anyway, this would totally eliminate the need to have people friends.
  • I have one. A Non Stop Talking Parrot. It's Awesome if you like non stop talking. But otherwise, it's noisy.
  • It would be Awesome if the pet carried on an intelligent conversation. If it were just some psychobabble propaganda I'd give it back to the pet shop and get a goldfish instead! :)
  • I would love it. It would be awesome.Jake and I already kind of have our own language in a way.He is one smart dog.
  • Awesome, although Chloe talks all the time, I just dont understand half of what she is saying, Seinna understand all of it, LOL.
  • awesome i love talking pet but i dont have
  • I have a beagle, so it'd be nonstop "Grrrr! Gimme that!" or "How about a treat? How about now? Huh?" or "C'mon, let's go on a walk! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?", although that would be balanced out by the quiet-time-on-the-sofa "I love you".
  • It would be both....oh the things they would tell people about what they have seen in this house.....
  • That's just too freaky to even think about.
  • If the only thing it could say is "Press '1' for English", it would get on my nerves, yeah! :-)
  • it could be very embarassing
  • I would say both,i have two dogs one acts like he is on valuim and the other acts like he is on speed i would have to say i would be screwed.
  • A little of both. i had two dogs that talked to me with their acrtions and their jestures. I knew exactly what they wanted just by their actions.
  • We have a cat and she talks. The different tones mean different things which we are able to understand. When we ask her: "You want to go outside?" she shakes her head because it is cold and windy outside. When she wants more food, she walks up to me and meows by looking me straight into my eyes, then she walks up to her dish and positions herself in front of it. Those are only 2 examples of talk in between pet and human. She listens to us and obeys when we give gentle commands, like "No, no". When we say stop, she stops cold in her tracks, the paw still lifted...... This works only when the human treats the pet with understanding and respect.
  • awsome for 1 hour then we would realize the best part about having a pet is all the fun and companionship with the annoying questions and comments.
  • I think it would be awkward based on some of the looks my cats have given me over the years.
  • Awesome. I've had many parrots as pets and it's fun to hear them say things, especially the things they pick up by themselves. Very funny:-) Though we had one parrot that heard a puppy get hurt, you know that loud yelping arrrouuuu arrrouuuu!!!! And she'd make that noise all the time. It sounded like someone was killing something !
  • Of all the stupid crap I've done in my life, most of it has been when I'm in the house, seemingly alone. The PET is ALWAYS watching... Do you think I want her gabbing with the neighors about stuff like that? No, ma'am!

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