• First off, cats are not physiologically the same as dogs. So saying that just because dogs wear a collar, that cats should is wrong. The original reason for dogs to be leashed goes back to the time when people's livestock was being injured and killed by loose dogs. And there was a huge threat of rabies from loose dogs, possibly biting people and animals. Now, that reason isn't as important and it is more for the nuisance than for any actual damage and destruction. But dogs have always been able to be leash trained or kept in a simple pen. Cats are not small dogs. Leashing cats has dangers that are not present with dogs. Cats are generally much more agile and better climbers than dogs. Many cat owners prefer to use "break away" collars to avoid entangling on branches and strangling the cat. But break away collars can be lost or removed. Neither conventional collars or break away collars are suitable for walking a cat on leash. Cat harnesses specifically designed for walking a cat should be used and many cats may be easily persuaded to walk on a leash -- but for others it would be a considerable challenge as they aren't designed for that sort of thing. The requirement to leash cats usually ends up with more cats killed. They kill all outdoor cats found without a leash. They enact these laws they say to protect the wild birds. But there is no truth to the figures they give that they are responsible for millions of birds in each state. So cats don't kill livestock, they don't give us rabies, they aren't as responsible for killing birds instead they are ignoring loss of habitat.
  • 1. you cant REALLY sick a cat on a person. 2. as much damage as a cat can do, theyre are few cases where a person has actually died. 3. its very rare that a cat attacks without first being provoked (or feeling provoked. 4. house cats dont and never have hunted humans for food.
  • How many people do you know of who have been mauled by a cat?
  • Cats should not be allowed out without control. Not only do they kill birds but being artificial to the environment their natural hunting instinct kills what other natural critters need for their sustenance. I own cats (actually I'm their people) and keep them in unless I'm outside with them. Outdoor cats are also more expensive at the vets.
  • In some states , I believe that the leash law does apply to cats .... Of course , cats roam by instinct ; and when they do .. YOU could be the victim of a party eaten animal in your yard or porch .... etc ..
  • Most cats don't appreciate leashes much, they just don't go along with the concept.....
  • I sure wish it were. I would like to shoot every cat owner in my neighborhood that lets their cat run free, as if I want/love their cat, also. I do not want it spraying my house, car or trees. I do not want my kids playing in the sand where it has used as a litter box. I do not want my screens tore up by them. I do not want to find their little dirty cat paws on my windshield. I do not want to clean their corpses up off the road in front of my house.
  • Nor turtles?

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