• I was in last year of school and one girl who was still 15 at the time fell pregnant, she kept it too. So young.
  • I believe the record is 10. Very disturbing indeed when you ponder the logistics of that.
  • I know of one 13 year old that had a child.
  • I knew a girl who gave birth at 12 :(
  • In my middle school there was a girl who had her baby at 13. She was pregnant at 12. The father was only a year older then she was.
  • She was 14. Also my best friends mom was 13. I think its cool now that my friend is 21 and her mom is still young but I bet that was hard for 13 year old to have a baby.
  • When I was in high school, the youngest pregnant teen I ever saw was 14 years of age. There were a lot of nasty sluts at our school.
  • Elaine aged 13yrs
  • I knew a girl who gave birth at the age of 13. Her baby was taken away a year later, when she went to jail drug use, and she died at the age of 17. In those days, we had never heard of AIDS, but that's what killed her.
  • I conceived my son at 14 and gave birth at 15 in 2006. I am still with my son's father. I graduated high school and am currently a college student. Even though some mothers are young it doesn't make them any less of a wonderful parent.
  • When I graduated highschool, there were three 12 year old 6th graders from my former middle school who were all pregnant at once.
  • In the whole Asia as a continent one could fine several mothers under 7 years old if the famous proverb of -maybe the greatest center of abstract consepts in the World-ERZURUM below went true for centuries as PUSHKIN writes it in "NOTES ON MYSTERIOUS METROPOL OF ROMANS, PONTUS GREEKS, SELJUKS; KURDS, AND ARMENIANS-ERZURUM": Push a girl with your hat Is she doesn't be knocked-out and fall To get married with her won't be bad! ALAS IT MIGHT BE ACCEPTED GENERALLY TILL MODERN TIMES!
  • The world’s youngest mother gave birth at the age of five - yes, FIVE! Regardless of our squeamishness, we have to note that the claim of a five-year-old girl giving birth is apparently true. Her name was Lina Medina, a Peruvian girl from the Andean village of Ticrapo who made medical history when she gave birth to a boy by caesarean section in May 1939 at the age of five years, seven months and 21 days. Lina’s parents initially thought their daughter had a large abdominal tumor, but after they took her to a hospital in the town of Pisco physicians confirmed that her abdominal swelling was due to pregnancy. Lina was eventually transferred to a hospital in Lima, where she delivered a six-pound baby boy by Cesarean section on 14 May 1939 (coincidentally the date on which Mother’s Day was celebrated that year). Lina’s father was temporarily jailed on suspicion of incest, but he was released for a lack of evidence and authorities were never able to determine who fathered Lina’s child.
  • My girlfriend...16 years old.
  • A girl I went to school with had a baby in either sixth or seventh grade, I can't remember which, but I know she was 13. i ran into her at a grocery store about a year ago and the poor thing has been married and divorced, with three kids now. At twenty-one years old! Talk about a rough life!
  • I don't know her personally but read online there was a little girl 5 years old who had a baby it was a long long time ago.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, I see anonymous-1049546 has posted it.
  • not sure, ive known kids in high school who had babies when i was in high school

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