• i'm pretty sure you have to give a 2 weeks notice...
  • Does he have a written lease with you? If not, oust the jackass.
  • Nothing in writing but he pays rent, his stuff is here and he does have a key to his room and the front door.
  • I own a few properties I rent out and I always have them sign a contract with rules and regulations I put forth. The whole eviction process is a pain. In a nutshell, it will take you 60 days to legally kick them out (I mean cops there throwing their stuff out)... Sounds like your renter is more of a "word of mouth" contract... you can kick him out whenever...
  • What I am wondering is if the laws are the same renting a room out of my home as they are for landlords that rent apartments and homes they do not live in. A landlord that evicts does not have to live with the person after evicting if he lives in a separate dwelling. I am in the same house and share kitchen, bath, living room etc... 30 days is a long time to be uncomfortable.
  • if hes being abusive just call the police on him, they will get him out of your house
  • If that is his legal residence, you have to evict him like any other tenant, written contract or not.

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