• No. they didn't do anything wrong. They're just taking some pics.
  • NO I dont believe they are disrespectful in any way. That is how paranormal research is performed. Also some take pictures of loved ones graves to possibly send to relatives.
  • No, beauty can be found in all places and we walk over the dead everyday. I think that capturing the moment is a way of remembering and in no way disrespectful.
  • No. We had some of our wedding pictures taken there. We got some stares from people there but we were not disrespectful and even placed flowers on some old neglected graves while we were there.
  • I have an Aunt who always takes pictures at funerals and it really freaks me out.
  • Pictures of a cemetery is fine with me and I have done it myself because they can be beautiful or historical. However taking pictures of someone's funeral service seems wrong to me though.
  • Not at all. I think you can show interesting things in them and parts of them are quite beautiful.
  • Are they being Macabre? YES. Is it disrespectful to take pictures of a cemetary? No.
  • No. I have seen some very strikingly beautiful pictures of cemetaries..especially old ones. It does not show any disprespect to those buried there.
  • It's not disrespectful. In fact, I'm sure the dead appreciate the attention and company. :)
  • No. I've taken many pictures at cemeteries, and traveled some distance for some of them. I do genealogy research and have used photographs of gravestones and cemetery entrance signs for documentation. Some general pictures at sunset and around Memorial Day are beautiful. Cemeteries can be very beautiful and peaceful.
  • No, I don't think that it's disrespectful nor macabre to take pix in the cemetery. Many people do not have visitors to their graves, family members move away and the descendants would like to know, for a fact, where their loved ones are buried. Some people can't make the trip due to finances, etc. so a pix of a gravestone can help with the closure of a death in the family. I've taken many pix and uploaded them, as a volunteer, to and I've gotten many "thank you" emails from people.
  • It is impossible to be disrespectful of dead people. Their relatives might be offended and that might be a valid concern. Macabre it may be. ma·ca·bre (mÉ™-kä'brÉ™, mÉ™-käb', -kä'bÉ™r) adj. 1. Suggesting the horror of death and decay; gruesome: macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle Ages. See Synonyms at ghastly. 2. Constituting or including a representation of death. Diana Michelle Hausam has a pretty good macabre theme that does not even have a single cemetery scene.
  • Not at all. We have a cemetary on the Historic Registry, Albany Rural..It is so beautiful, more like a hugh parks. It is so big. So, beautiful. Full of ponds, and deer and Chestnut trees and Oaks, people are there all the time..I mean live ones. yes, they take pictures too.Chester Arthur is buried there too.
  • I take pics in Cemeteries every chance i get !! Love the Spirit Orbs :)
  • It's not the photographing that can be disrespectful. It all depends on if you or your friends are striking silly poses.
  • We have people coming though our cemetery all the time taking photos, and have had folks just driving by and stop to take picture in the early morning or late evening for the view, so I personally find now disrespect in what they have done. I often take them myself for folks who call out of state and need family history, so will take photo of grave & of entrance to cemetery and e-mail or snail-mail which ever works for them
  • I take pictures of everything.
  • I don't think so, cemeteries can be beautiful, peaceful places.
  • Not at all. I have it on good authority that the dead don't really mind! ;-)
  • Absolutely not. As long as they are not stepping on graves and acting in a disrespectful way... then I see nothing wrong with it. I take photos in cemeteries to preserve history and I conduct myself the same way I would want others to act if I was buried there or if they were at my loved ones cemetery. Some of the most hauntingly beautiful photography that I have seen was done in cemeteries.
  • I am always taking photos in cemeteries. Adding photos to on-ine memorials is very important to me. The people buried there are sleeping. The only one that might think I am odd is the living.
  • No, sounds like a spot I should start shooting photos.

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