• I don't see why not and yes Wamart should sell them if they feel it will be profitable!
  • As far as I know, Walmart and other stores do sell skirts and dresses. Wear what you want, or move to Scotland, where the men are men and the sheep are scared:)
  • No one can stop a person from wearing what the wish. There was a time when girls didn't wear pants, then someone did.
  • well david beckham got away with it..not sure how it would go down in sheffield though lol proberbly get beaten up within about half an hour i would think lol but each their own i say not sure if the sight of hairy mens legs in a skirt is a good look..but maybe walmart could do a line in thick tights as well lol
  • yes boys should be allowed to wear dresses or skirts. most of mens or boys wear is either drab or extremely limited to pants or shorts without a variable color available. The department stores should carry these things, dresses or skirts, in boys and mens sizes. They also don't need to be frilly like girls, but at least be in colors other than khaki, dark blue or black.
  • Cross-dressers(with fetish) would no longer desire them, as they wouldn't be distinctly feminine. Regular boys would want them... To frilly for boys. Bad market.
  • First of all, it is "allowed". There are no laws prohibiting men from wearing skirts or women from wearing pants. There are laws about restrooms. Just because Walmart has skirts, dresses and lingerie in the Womens department does not prevent a man from purchasing and wearing them. I have often select several (traditionally female) clothing items and asked a sales clerk where I should go to try them on. They are always polite and helpfull. That way they make the choice (mens-or-womens dressing room)and everyone is comfortable. It is a little embarising, but always fun - Try it!
  • Boys ARE allowed to wear Skirts and Dresses... They just obviously choose not to.
  • They are allowed to, but it isn't what our society sees as normal.
  • Sure why not? Girls are allowed to wear least in most countries...
  • There is no problem with boys wearing skirts or dresses it is society that has the problem with it. I wear skirts or dresses most of the time when I'm at home, I have no problem with going in to the womens clothing in ASDA as Wallmart is known as here in the uk
  • I dress in lingerie and women's slacks and jeans regularly and skirts and dresses for special occasions. No one stops me. Womens skirts and dresses are sold in Walmart, but you need to shop in the girls department. If you are embarrassed about shopping in the girls department, how are you going to go out in public in your new skirt?
  • Clothing is clothing. If you want to wear it then wear it. I love wearing skirts, tights/pantyhose, and heel. I recently just but my 3rd pair of Yves St. Laurent heels.
  • Yes boys can wear skirt or dress - there is no law agaisnt boys/men to wear it :)
  • u should b allowed to b u NOW ANSWER MINEB PLEASE
  • i think so .and yes i think they should market them for boys and men.
  • Sure they should be allowed to.
  • Nothings stopping them from doing so. I rarely go out not wearing a skirt or dress. Im in a bowling league and i wear dresses and pantyhose while bowling. Walmart sells skirts and dresses that i buy. I could see if someone is bigger they might not fit in the dresses and thats a problem, but im 5'4 120 pounds and dont have that problem.

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