• Nevermind! Confused it with The Crucible.
  • It was interesting to see how he changed his book in order to have a story, over the actual event.
  • i did american lit which included scarlet letter, moby dick, red badge of courage, and lots of other mind-numbing gloomy gothic novels of the early 1800s and before. I could do excellent A level essays on them but couldn't wait to leave them behind and proceed to modernist times, by which time US lit brightened up; not just for me, but for all the students doing the subject.
  • I've only ever seen the movie, which wasn't too horrible, but it made me figure the book would've been a lot better. I don't mind reading the gothic stories, as long as there's a good story.
  • I don't like Hawthorne's wordy prose style, although I realize it was typical of the era. I think the story has important themes which are worth telling and hearing, and I do like the use of color as symbolism: a black and white world of Puritan virtues with a glaring scarlet "A" setting it off! The message is a chilling parable, so it did give me the "shivers" in that sense.
  • I'm pretty open minded when it comes to books. But I hated The Scarlet Letter. I've never come across a book that I actually need sparknotes to understand. I couldn't stand reading it. The Crucible was much better. At least I could get some good running jokes out of it. Like, instead of adding "Mrs." before someone's name, I'll say "Goody" instead. I also call my sister Goody Proctor for no real reason.
  • I liked the idea. I didn't like the way Hawthorne carried it out. Way too verbose. And the Introductory almost ruined the book for me... I seriously comtemplated just giving up after even bothering to read that.
  • I did not like it at all. I was required to read it for my English class 2 years ago and it was torture. I usually enjoy reading, but that book was horrible.
  • i loved it and i even played abigail in the play.
  • I loved it. I did not get the shivers, however.
  • I read it and liked it. My feeling is that closed minded religious zealots have not gone away. Instead of branding females they want to brand gays.
  • i mightve read it yrs ago in school but i cant remember
  • Yes, one of my boyfriends had a Nathaniel Hawthorne collection, so I read it and other stories he wrote. It was appalling to see such prudishness. My boyfriend wrote an essay on "American Science And The Puritan Tradition".
  • I've read it. It's OK, so I don't particularly like or dislike it. It was interesting to see a glimpse of that grim period. I'm glad it's gone.
  • i read it yrs ago when i was in school but i dont remember it much
  • I love THE SCARLET LETTER. I love the way Nathaniel Hawthorne's writing dances on the line between fantasy and reality, and I thought the concept for the book was great, too.
  • i think i read it yrs ago, dont even rennennber it

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