• depending on the type of bracelet, it could be either or neither.
  • As far as I know it doesn't matter. I have both straight and gay friends and have never noticed a particular wrist they wear their bracelets on.
  • I would say the opposite arm that their watch is on. I don't see why anyone would even question it. It all depends on which arm to them that it feels the most comfortable. Same with women, some wear their's on the left, some wear them on the right. I always prefer my watch on my left arm and bracelets on my right.
  • im straight and i wear bracelets usually on my right so i can have a watch on my left, but i dont think it matters. i think its just preference
  • Why do you need permission?
  • i would wear it on my right so when my arms is around the ladys she can see how i shine. wear it on the side wear you shine the most and keep on shineing.

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