• How do you start the process to grow your perm out?? The first step is undoubtedly NOT perming your hair anymore. The second is maintaining your hair in such a way that it's manageable without a perm- you've probably gotten so used to using a perm that your hair will think you're going crazy to try and tame it without one. Third step is patience. Patience is a virtue, so if you surpass this step with flying colors, be proud. Be VERY proud.
  • um yea wrong category
  • first u do not put any more perms in your hair.second keep your hair trimmed every six to 8 weeks or try getting a prm to make it curly in a salon all we do to correct a bad perm is use another perm to take it out so the process here would be the oppisite use a perm to curl it not take the curl out .
  • i got told when growing out straight hair to curly (mine is the same) that every inch that it grows cut an inch of straight off. this helps keep it in proportion (excuse the spelling) and good luck.
  • I agree Tinkabelle!!!! somethings wrong with ctaylo25.
  • i'm trying to do the same thing!!!i am african american and puerto rican so i have very think curly hair without the perm.i was told to keep it conditioned and keep the ends clipped.some have told me that i had to cut it all off:-(

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