• Some people don't even realize they're doing it. My brothers and I have a large vocabulary but they don't realize that not everyone can understand them.
  • same reason people who have bought a new expensive car keep it parked in front of their house when they have an empty garage nearby. ie, to show off.
  • Some of us are just extraordinarily literate, and verboseness comes naturally.
  • I had a friend that was like that. He said and I quote..."I like when people ask what that word means. Makes me look smart and like I know what I'm talking about." It did get kind of annoying. Especially when he had 3 or 4 big words that he can barely pronounce in a single sentence.
  • Big words express the nuance of a well-communicated sentence.
  • If that is their normal method of conversation would you really want them to talk down to you.
  • It's called - having a mind of your own and knowing how to use it.
  • It's a power play, to set them not only apart but over others. This action normally is used when someone is lacking attention or when they have felt others have controlled them in their past. Spoke down to or belittled. In doing so they have harmed themselves more than helped themselves as most people will stay away from them. I had a friend who did this and became worried that he had no friends. I told him as long as he used .98 cent words around regular people they would shy away. There was nothing wrong with being well educated but there is a time and place to use all of your wit and talking with basic people was not the time and or place.
  • I have a large vocabulary. I do not use words that are not necessary in the conversation, but I do occasionally toss in a new word. I like to learn new words. I like to teach new words :)
  • Maybe they feel like no other word could sufficiently describe what they meant.
  • To answer a question with a question, why should everyone lower themselves to your idea of human intelligence? Being dumb was only cool in school.
  • because most likely they know they are idiots and want to make it seem like they are smart.
  • It seems like your friends are doing it to get a rise out of you, or they could just be playing around, doing it to be silly. In the case of people who use big words naturally as a part of their regular language, it's done because they are more literate. I don't like it when people scoff at a big word, as if they resent it. I'm guessing they do that because it makes them feel dumb.
  • With some people, it's just a normal way of speaking. With others, they may feel they have to speak in a certain way to impress a person.
  • I love an extended vocabulary, and everytime I learn a new word, I can't wait to use it correctly!!! I am a nerd this way, and I love words.
  • Because they want to show thier enhancsed vocbulary.
  • They are trying to prove they are smart or they are really smart and do not realize you do not understand there words.
  • To bore the hell out of just as many people as humanly possible.
  • Sometimes little words just don't suffice.
  • Some people just talk that way. Like, I use the word "vociferous" in casual conversation. For example, I said to my girlfriend "Your vociferousness is beyond the pale." And she said, "Sorry, I don't speak Italian."
  • Isn't it a matter of mood and precision? George Orwell argued that a hearty welcome felt better than a cordial reception even though the one phrase is a more or less literal translation of the other, one in honest English English, the other in pretentious latinate English. Having access to both phrases allows us to be cool and cordial or warm and hearty. In the appendix to 1984, Orwell discusses Newspeak, the language that is designed to limit the expression of ideas to such an extent that dissent becomes impossible because there are no words to express the idea. By satirising the attempts to flatten out the variety of English vocabulary he makes the point that the more various are the words at our disposal, the more opportunity we have to express our feelings both in terms of mood, and precision at the same time. I am glad that I am not one of those to whom an unusual collocation of words, involving a juxtaposition of antiperistatical ideas, immediately suggests the notion of hyperoxysophistical paradoxology.
  • People just think differnet words about different talks.
  • Some people just like words--like me. I don't use "big" words to impress. They are just a part of my conversation. However, if I am speaking with people that might not understand them, I will use other words. I do get annoyed when people use them to be snooty. :-)
  • Because we can. I love learning new words and throwing them in. My newest is sententious, love it. However, I sont use them for the sake of, thats really annoying. A friend of mine said the other day 'It will insist on precipitating on me!'. Way OTT
  • I like words. The dikshunary is kewl.

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