• Was it in a wine glass??? That DOES sound a little cliched. I think he should ask her sometime how she would like to be proposed to and do it that way. If she asked for that I guess it ain't so bad.
  • My religion doesn't allow engagement. Mine was Direct proposal for a marriage and deciding the wedding date at the same time.
  • It wasn't a big event with other people. I took her to a baseball game, gave her the ring in a box of Cracker Jacks(that was the prize), booked a nice hotel for two nights (she was from out of town)went to a nice retaurant and a Broadway play the next night. Then she went home.
  • "I know it's not the most romantic thing,but do you mind marrying me in Vegas?" - that was my engagement,on the phone because he was overseas.I'm happy with that.
  • No.We kind of eloped and got married on the beach.
  • i don't like proposals like that. with all those people around, what if the girl wants to say no? it puts so much more pressure on her and that is not cool in my book. my husband really never proposed to me, just told me he wanted to marry me and i felt the same way. we had a small wedding too. and i think we may be the happiest couple of all time.
  • Eh it's their engagment let them have it how they want. Whether or not you're impressed should be judged on your own (if you ever are) to be engaged.
  • I proposed while my mom and sister were in the room, then my mom ended up being the last to hear. they were talking on the opposite side of the room and my wife had said "it's not like you're gonna do it any time soon" in reference to proposing to her. I had the ring in my pocket for whenever the right moment occured. I waited till the conversation evolved then slowly slipped it on her finger, I had it to the last nuckle before she realised I was not just playing with her finger. my mom didn't see a thing
  • In bed, cuddles, simple, then we chose a ring togther the day after!
  • I think each person expresses it in the way that befits them. Different strokes for different folks... Engagements, weddings and births are reason to celebrate!! (at least it wasn't a flamboyant funeral)
  • Mine was not. My husband and I were alone; and mine was more like a diamond chip, LOL! We were really, really young and didn't ave much money. And wer aren't really showy like some people are. We are more private with family. After we were married a few years, he told me he was going to take it to get cleaned and it returned with a much larger diamond.
  • My engagement consisted of being proposed to in a Ford Ranger Pick Up truck in the parking lot of where I worked at the time on February 15, 1985. I had the hiccups when he asked me. The following day, we purchased a ring that I put on my Caldor credit card and he paid me back for it over the next two months. On Sunday, the 17th, he slipped the ring on my finger in his mother's living room while we were watching Ripley's Belive it Or Not. We are together for over 20 years so from humbled begins grew our love.
  • i have not been proposed to yet, and I am not much of one for a huge audience, but i think that it's a personal preference, in addition to the event, a proposal in this case. someone who loves attention though may want it to be a private event.
  • Our engagment was private, only the two of us there and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
  • no. some people are showy - others not. I know a girl who said, "he better have all my friends there and everyone I know better be there to see it" well he hasnt asked her yet...soooo mmmmm, really the marriage is between two people so should be the proposal.
  • its not wrong of you... but lets be real. get a life. its not your engagement. who cares if your not impressed or not. it wasnt ment to make you happy.
  • I was thinking about this not too long ago and I came up with a great plan. I'm going to somehow trick my future fiance into going with me on my "business trip" to Paris, and propose under the Eiffel Tower. It's cheesy-yet-romantic AND if I get shot down only some random tourists will know about it. But it's not wrong to be impressed by a flamboyant engagement, it's just the persons personal preference. I always get a chuckle out of the people who do it on TV.
  • Mine was private - Jason put Clapton's "We're All the Way" on the turntable, tried to light a few candles and nearly burned the house down. The smell of smoke woke me up from a nap. He proposed to me, I cried, we danced, it was nice. I think big showy engagements are nice, too, but only if you KNOW you both want to be engaged. Nothing like being put on the spot to make someone lie, y'know?
  • I personally would have slapped my husband if he'd made a big display of proposing...I'm not comfortable with that sort of thing and he knows it, hehe. I'm not generally impressed by big flamboyant displays like that either, but to each their own. My husband proposed to me on a beach in Mexico just after sunset when nobody else was around. It was amazing. He said that I gave him the best hug he'd ever had after I said yes, haha.
  • It's certainly not wrong of you to not feel impressed. Do you feel jealous at all?
  • Just the two of us, lying in bed together trying to sleep because we both had to work the next day (it was our anniversary and he apparently had been planning it). Not a diamond, either; it's actually a small black onyx as I'm not a fan of diamonds. I can't deal with big events. I don't even want to get married in front of any family/friends; just hoping for Vegas or just signing papers and letting that be it if we really have to marry at all (I'm really not much of a romantic) :)
  • My proposal was right in my living room. He hid the ring in a dozen roses. He got down on one knee and had prepared the most beautiful proposal and it was so sweet and unexpected. I cried and he cried and and it was just the most special thing. Now, I later found out that the original proposal was set to happen at a playoff Flyer's game (they lost the series before we could go). We have season tix and he called the office at the Wachovia Center in Philly and had the whole thing set up. There was supposed to be a guy that came down with a mic and some roses and he was going to get down on one knee and so on. (They arent allowed by law to put people on the jumbo-tron anymore lol) This was so thoughtful and I wonder how things would have played out because that is SOoo ultra romantic but the proposal that I was given was nothing short of priceless and I wouldnt trade it for anything. Not impressed by flash but rather substance.
  • that could be a hobby. why not go out to a restaurant and make a big flamboyant proposal every week? (i mean, ever after being married) (or not)
  • It's not wrong. Some people like big flashy engagements/weddings and some don't. Me, I'm the kind that would rather it be small, romantic, and meaningful.

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