• I for one will help by putting them back. I am sorry.
  • You're cool. You should stay.
  • Awwwww I will help you. I will report this to a CL. And give you points when I can. Please don't go!!!! You're the only one here who understands me!!!!
  • Tonight I got 13 negative ratings in less than an hour with similar attacks last night. Most are -3 to -5 with an occasional -1 in there. Obviously I am not welcomed by either multiple people or by one person with multiple accounts who switch quite fast. In any case, I am in no state of mind to deal with it. If anyone wants to stay in touch, my email is At least there I can block if someone is rude. I will finish here tonight, and may very rarely visit on occasion. But I just can't deal with this. If I want people to be rude, I'll go to a site where that's the standard. At least I'll know what to expect. Here it should not be the case. I thought this would be more refreshing, and it wasn't so much. It's not the same AB. I made a few new friends and saw a few old, but I can't put up with the nonsense. Sorry.
  • I am so sorry Someone, I did tell you it had changed a lot . Because of there being so many people thatcan give 6points now it is very easy and quick for people to reach the higher levels. That is the reason we have so many High rating trolls. Particularly when they see somebody working hard and earning a lot of points they really hate that. It is very sad that we should lose good contributors because of petty jealousies. Drop in and let me know How you are now and again I will send you an email with my Email address.
  • Someone - I just emailed you! You are such a great ABer, I hate to see you leave!
  • Hey, don't let the trolls win. Just unsubscribe and ignore them. Unfortunately, it's best to just turn off your option to see points awarded or down rated. Out of sight, out of mind and more people will give points than take them away. We ALL get this. Just don't let them see you sweat.
  • nooooooo . never let trolls win
  • Don't leave!! I was trolled horrendously the past week, but I found enough support that offset it - not because I cared about the points, but they reminded me that there are people on AB who actually NEED answers. Without you, there may be people and questions that go unanswered. OR at the very least, who doesn't get their daily smile.
  • I'm glad to know that you aren't leaving because of a spat with ONE user (she was worried, too). However, if trolls are targeting you, screenshot the pages, showing the negatives, (as many as you can - turn off the comments and answers - you'll get the last five pages of ratings), and send them to They will deal with the trolls. (And if you simply leave without doing this, you're leaving all of the newbies and others out here to deal with them.) Personally, I hope you do the above, and stay. You may find it fun to "hunt troll"! Besides, we need all the intelligent, compassionate people we can get! ;-)
  • Sadly, AB isn't the same as it was when you were first a member. There are more trolls, more spammers and more small minded a$$holes than ever. Many really nice ABers have left. AB doesn't have enough staff to handle the madness. The trolling you endured should be reversed by the staff if you send email feedback. I would hate to see another ABer leave because of this nonsense. I do enjoy answering your questions.
  • There's jerks all over the site. Don't leave becuase you got downrated a bit. I once was downrated for writing something that wasn't negative about Obama (as many of the ocmments were negative and about him being Muslim or the anti-christ) and saying something nuetral about religion and IR relaitonships. People tend to downrate when they don't read what they want to hear. These people probably are suffering form a low I.Q, no need to even get worked up over it. Besides, you can always make those points up (in fact you probably have).
  • I'm a regular "target" myself. Have you sent Feedback to AB to advise them of this? Do you know who the actual person is? Or has it all been anonymous? Just my personal opinion, the trolls win when they piss people off and/or chase them off. I've just gotten to the point where I have more friends I love conversing with that I don't let the S.O.B.'s get me down. There are always trolls here. If one is gone, another one comes along. There is a "serial" troll who many of us have known for ages that has dozens of accounts, and just creates more any time they are removed or PBd. But, I'd send feedback to AB, contact a CL, make a screenshot of DRs and attacks and send that along to AB as well.
  • Don't go away someone!Good always wins over the evil be patient..everything will be alright!
  • ...I have been "charmed" by you...the trolls are jealous...that is part of being a "light-worker"...evil dwells very close to goodness...hold your head high...don't take the negative "hate" personally...for you are SO much greater than that, Someone...that's why you have the name, Someone...aloha to you
  • Dont leave someone.... :( to many good people have left answer bag stay, You have great questions.... :)
  • Hey I am a big mouth on many subjects and reffer to people as fartbags at times, so i get quite a few neg points- its ok with me. it doesnt do anything to me. i dont really give neg points too much either. if u want to leave, its up 2 u , but i wouldnt let the scum win. either way good luck.
  • Someone...I do not want you to leave. I've been trolled too the past week for really nonsense things. You have great questions and answers. We need that here. As you can see from these responses, you would be sorely missed. The good vibes here make it all worthwhile!!
  • Oh no. Do not leave. I for one have had lots of entertainment/fun with your questions and answers. I really had your age wrong and thought that was a hoot. Just 'unsubscribe' from the comment trains that brother you and turn off your ability to see how many points you get to questions, + or - . This will let you go on. The minus points don't count against you anyway.
  • I dont think you should let them make you leave, that gives them the power, you did nothing wrong. They even made me lose my temper, I dont do that often. Taking a break is a good thing, but dont go permenantly.
  • I was worried that you were leaving before I had a chance to ask you to stay! So here it is: PLEASE STAY. All of us get trolled, darlin'. Some of us get trolled nearly to death! But AB is truly what you make it, so if you focus on the GOOD THINGS with AB, then that is what will fill your field of vision. Please don't leave because of something as trivial as this (not that your feelings are trivial). Trolls come and trolls go. Don't let them beat you. Stick with us! We love you!!!! That should matter as much as the negs.
  • Negative ratings tend to irk people. That red number with the negative sign reminds me of school when you'd get an answer wrong. You mentioned that the positive ratings don't really matter all that much to you, so why not just turn ratings off? You'll almost never meet a troll on here that has the balls to confront you in a comment thread, even anonymously. Asking questions, answering them, interacting with other users - aren't these the things that really make AnswerBag a positive experience? If you ignore the superficial aspects, I believe you'll enjoy yourself much more. Er.. not that I care if you stay or anything...
  • Whats a troll?
  • I went to eat breakfast and got over 16 more downrates. Perhaps even low key is not good enough. This time I do have screen shots though. Now I added a new one which has 4 more. New screenshot. I asked a question. I have 3 DR's in this shot, I will add more since I got more. Here are the other two on the question about cramps for a total of at least 5!
  • I'm with you on is one, Admin don't do enough to keep the trolls away, even when they have been reported...
  • Sorry to hear that, why are people so evil? I gave you 6 pts.
  • Please don't let the trolls win. I had a run in with some trolls a few months ago and nearly left. Some people downrate because they are jealous.

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