• It depends on your workplace schedule and a number of things. For example, my office shuts down at a certain time because of alarms and things like that and nobody can be there at point. However, there are other places that love to have people come in around noon and still 8 pm or so in order to have phone coverage till that late. Again, it would depend on their particular operations
  • In my field, it's quite common for people to make their own hours -- the company evaluates people on their performance relative to goals, not on the number of hours or when they're worked. If I'm available for meetings and respond promptly to email and phone calls, really nobody has any idea how many hours I'm working. So yes, there's no such thing. I've known people who came in to work at 10 pm and worked until early morning... alone in the office ... because that's when their brain worked best.
  • Yes. I feel people should take their responsibilites seriously and it will reap its rewards. You will not only get a good reference when you decide to leave but you may even get promoted because of your good work ethics. You should be on time every time. :)
  • Usually, when you boss says that to you, it is because they know they can trust you not to abuse it. You can be very thankful they trust you, and show them it is not misplaced. If you have a specific question in your mind about what they meant, ask them.
  • No. If I was told that by my boss, I'd ask for a memo stating the same....and I'd take Mon-Thurs off and pull a 40 hour Friday and see what happened.
  • There is if the message you convey to your boss is that you are not real excited about working there.

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