• They are probably experiencing incredible frustration at not being able to help you and will suffer regardless. But you need to do what you need to do to get through this. The critical thing is that you are getting professional help, in the form of medication and/or counseling. That's where you don't want to deal with it on your own. Once you have a handle on it in that regard, you may feel better equipped to have other people in your life.
  • We all suffer, its part of the human condition. Many of us go through depression, either with cause or without, sometime in our lives. Sometimes, letting someone who loves you help is a gift you give them. Its also a gift you give yourself. My husband and I have come to understand that hard times are when you find out who you real friends are. Sometimes, all the people you trusted will run screaming, and someone you counted as an acquaintance will step in and offer true friendship and help where you never expected it. You can push people away. I wouldn't call you bad for it. But why not let them love you? I remember you talking a week or so ago about your friend who asked you to be godmommy. You said you would do anything for her. If she were down and pushing you away, would you go, or would you insist that she let you help? I bet she'd feel the same way if she knew you were down right now and didn't call her.
  • Its ok to try and handle your depression on your own. But one thing for certian is not to push the people who love and care about you away. I understand you don't want to put them through what you are feeling. But if they didn't want to be there for you, hun, they wouldn't be. Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is someone reaching out for you. Keep your head high, sometimes talking to a stranger that will just listen to you with out advice back is great. I would love to listen to you and help keep your head high. I have no emotional ties to you so i can't judge. let me know my e-mail is in my profile. I will think positive thoughts about you and i will pray for you in my daily prayers.
  • I know it seems that way, but isolation is not a good cure for depression. Why not see them on a limited basis. Set your self a goal of seeing at least one friend a day to get out and do something for half an hour. Maybe a walk or a cup of coffee or something like that. You really will feel better for it! :)
  • Your better bet is to not try to "deal" on your own but to get professional help. Real depression is an illness, not simply a bad mood to be overcome. Let others help.
  • That is the depression telling you to do that,,depression,by it's very nature,is self sustaining,it requires you to be alone,to reject others help and concerns. Like I've never been there,huh? Where did the depression take you from? What happened to trigger this bout with it? I have had YEARS!!! of depressions,many bad,,many,many bad! The 'push away/reject others help' stuff is falling prey to the darkness.You know what your capable of,the depression tells you your NOT capable. If you ask others to share the problem(which is then halved/quartered...etc),the depression would lose it's grip on you and lose the reason it fights so hard to keep you under it's spell. Keeping it in is selfish and feeds the need to continue into the mouth to chaos. I hope you can see the truth of this and seek the help you need soon,tonight if necessary!!Don't think it's nothing,it very well could be. :) Ken
  • Your approach to your problem is incorrect. Your family and your personal friends should be your salvation to assit you with this problem. this is what they are there for. Pushing these people away is only digging yourself into a bigger hole. Share your problem with them. You will be surprised at the strength your family and friends can give you, now.
  • I agree, I like to take care of my own problems and then if I come to the conclusion that I can't then I will ask for help
  • You know I am here for you if you ever need to talk:):) And you have so many AB Friends and we all can help you through this:):) I am a little depressed at times too)
  • I have first hand experience of deep depression. Being alone is what I wanted most, but then when I was alone, all I did was feel sorry for myself because nobody understood so I was alone. It was a vicious circle. Getting out and forcing myself to walk and exercise helped a great deal. Talking to my therapist and a few nonjudgmental friends was another important tool. Prayer helped, too. I kept it simple by just asking for God's guidance on a daily basis. Gradually, I felt better and better.
  • Generally speaking the people that are saying they are trying to help you are not in fact they are just trying to get rid of you. Get new friends and maybe a dog I recommend a boxer.
  • Are you better today? Has the severity settled to a reasonable level,for now?
  • i think that's just taking the easy way out...if you talk to people it WILL's just a matter of bringing yourself to do it
  • Overcoming depression alone is not easy. Although many people with depression are inclined to push others away, it really isn't the best option. On the other hand it can be really difficult to reach out to those who are closest to us, as their natural tendency is to attempt some kind of rescuing or offer warm words which really sound trite and meaningless to the person with depression. Although talking about the depression will not change things overnight, it is part of a process of recovery, so I would encourage you to speak to someone (anyone) who will listen carefully to what you have to say and how you feel - even if that's a complete stranger. Whoever it is though must be prepared to listen to YOU! It's no good if all they want to do is give you the benefit of their (percieved) experience as that will not help. I don't know where you are in the world, but maybe you could look up some organisations or support groups who can provide meaningful emotional support. Best wishes, whatever you decide.

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