• yes because I can't remember my friend's birthdays. If that's what you base a friendship on.. it's not a friendship IMO. There is so much more to it.
  • Yes, because not everyone is good with dates. That's why it's good to at least keep a year to year calendar so that we can remember important dates. But I wouldn't think of my friend any lesser for forgetting my birthday.
  • I would never base a friendship on a person's ability to remember a date that my own son doesn't even remember. Friendship is based of far more important things, like companionship and common interests. Now if your biggest interest was having people remember your birthday, then maybe, but I wonder how many friends would that be?
  • I don't think friendship is about birthdays. I have always considered birthdays more of a family thing than a friend thing. I make sure I remember my roommates' birthdays so I can do something special for them since they are away from family, but I don't worry about my other friends' birthdays.
  • Yes. It's more about the day to day relationship than any single event.
  • Yes. I base friendship on much more than remembering a date. Compassion, kindness, humour, those are more important to me than a good memory. Besides I have fun with them after the fact when I can give them a hard time for forgetting. My closest friends actually remembered it for once this year, but I was on a road trip and they couldn't do anything about it.
  • Of course! It's been since 1st grade that I've had the same best friend, and I can never remember her b-day. I'm just terrible with dates! She just laughs it off and we go about our day :)
  • I have a TERRIBLE memory. None of my friends has ever held it against me, thank God.
  • Sure. Some years, it's all I can do to forget my own.
  • Yes, there's more to a friendship than my birthday.
  • Some do and some dont but i still consider them to be my friends regardless.Besides my bday is on the 2nd of Jan so most of my friends are probably still reccounting the 1st of : )
  • Yes. I never remember my friends' birthdays, and they never remember mine. Much easier that way. :)
  • God, that pisses me off how no one remembers. I remember everyone else's!!
  • Self gratify all you like....but come on!! why do we need friends to come and praise us for living another year..its pointless and i regard my friends far to much to fall out with them over such petty trivia...
  • I have alzheimers disease and can't remember much of anything anymore, it's probably why i don't have any friends anymore. There was 7 in my family, i don't remember anyones birthday except my own.
  • I really couldn't care less if a friend doesn't remember my birthday. It's not really their job.
  • Yeah, because guys aren't really notorious for remembering things like birthdays. If they can't remember their aniversary or their wife's bday, I don't expect them to remember mine.
  • Yes, it's just a day. Sometimes people get stressed out and a date flies outta their head for a moment.
  • yes. sometimes life gets so busy it's easy to forget even my own bday!
  • that would depend on why they dont remember it

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