• You were attempting to ask: "What are some common WEP codes?" Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a scheme that is part of the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standard to secure IEEE 802.11 wireless networks (also known as Wi-Fi networks). Because a wireless network broadcasts messages using radio, it is particularly susceptible to eavesdropping. ----- There is no such thing as a "common WEP code" because the codes are often generated from passwords. For example, I might enter the password "German Shepherd Dog" and my router will convert the ACSII into a WEP code for me. Here are the types of WEP codes: # One ASCII Character is Eight (8) Bits # One HEX Character is Four (4) Bits # 40 or 64 bit ASCII WEP code has 5 characters # 40 or 64 bit HEX WEP code has 10 characters # 128 bit ASCII WEP code has 13 characters # 128 bit HEX WEP code has 26 characters Learn more here:

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