• seriously, kids run around and there is no stopping it. you can use this as reason to get out of your lease. you might be able to get the landlord to insulate your ceeling. it won't end the noise but could cut the volume down by half or more. also the kids may be noisier than expected if the landlord chinced on the undercarpet padding in their apartment. I am certain there is a noise insulation code and there might be a flooring code he is violating.
  • Inform them that their children seem to be moving about rather loudly and it can be disruptive to you below. It's all about how you say it, but I would let them know. If you are really afraid to confront them yourself, you could always speak to your landlord and see if s/he will give them a call.
  • Did you know kids lived above when you rented? Talk to the landlord, maybe there's an upper available.
  • ive been in your situation. if you think about it reasonably, can you really expect the kids to just sit the whole time they are inside? I did not do anything about it, because i accept it as part of life. turn you radio up!
  • i always rent on the top floor- well i own now but - u know what i mean- i think u r stuck with it- sorry dude.
  • Make friends with the family and offer to take the kids to the park sometimes. When kids are tired out from running and playing, they are less likely to run around and make noise indoors. Besides, you might actually get to like the little rascals and enjoy their company.
  • Move! You've lost that battle before you even begin to fight it
  • Talk to them nicely and suggest that they just bear in mind that you're downstairs when the kids are playing indoors. It's a simple enough thing to ask.
  • There is no way to get through to the people without you seeming rude. Either complain or put up with it but face it, The noise wont stop, They are little kids. It might stop for ten minutes but it will start right up again,
  • I know what you mean. When I stay overnight at my friends' house, I sleep down in the basement. When the kids run through the main level of the house, it sounds like a very large herd of angry elephants. If your landlord is reasonable, I would bring him or her in to hear the noise, then let the landlord approach the neighbors. Maybe they could be quieter during certain hours, at least. I know the park I live in has a noise ordinance from 10pm until 8 am. He might enforce something like that. Also, I would ask to be put on the list for the next available apartment that would be less noisy. If your landlord knows what you're looking for, and if you're a good renter, he should accomodate you.
  • You can't. The only two possibilities are: 1. You put yourself out and suffer the upstairs noises. 2. The parents of the young rogues will be put out as they try to rein in their kids. Someone loses, either way. You just have to decide who it is. On a side note, I spent my teen years growing up in a flat above my aunt. She would complain about the noise if I so much as tiptoed across the floor. It's possible that the building materials, plus acoustics, yadda yadda, molecules, means any sort of movement upstairs makes a thunderous sound below. Just something to keep in mind as you deal with your situation.
  • take them muffins, and break them the news. or, battle it off by playing really loud music. or hitting the ceiling really hard. maybe they will get the point. worked with my neighbors, except now we have a hole in our living room wall. :l
  • Have you brought the parents down to your apartment and let them hear what the noise level is?
  • Invite them down one day when the kids are playing and let them hear how loud it is.
  • Give an anonymous gift of musical instruments to those kids. Then take a vacation. Within two weeks, those kids are gonna be yelled at by mom and dad to shut up and keep still.
  • It is totally impossible to stop that kind of noise, no matter what you say and no matter what they do. I bought a two story house, and we had the same problem when the kids were in their bedroom/playroom, we couldn't even watch TV in the living room below. Kids cannot be quiet. That is a fact of life. Get used to it, or look into installing some noise deadening ceiling panels. That's what finally worked for us.
  • That’s quite a tough one and I do understand how you feel. It does get very annoying to have loud neighbors. If this happened at a public place then yes I would agree that the parents should teach their children manners and keep them under control but however the jumping, stomping and running happened in their own apartment upstairs, there's nothing much you could do unless the parents or the landlord does take care of the problem. Parents/people have to understand that there are other people living in the apartment too. For myself, I don't allow my children to run, jump or throw balls in the house, if they want to do that, they have to do it outside. Children can get hurt and things can break in the house. It's all about keeping your children under control and teaching good manners that will help your children act toward others with respect when they're inside or at someone else's home and be their best behavior. I certainly don't want to hold responsible for an accident that my children did at someone's house by paying more than a hundred bucks or for whatever it is worth. And I don't buy the theory of "kids will be kids"...The main point is their behavior affects people around them and they cannot do it at school so why not teach them not to do it at home too? It seem like nowdays parents are getting a bit too lazy teaching their children right from wrong.
  • I'd find a way to address the parents in a nice way. If it were adults making all the noise I'd get really rude about letting them know how loud they were, but with kids you can't do that. If talking to the parents doesn't work, maybe talk to the manager of the apartments and see how that works out. Peace.
  • Being the father of three boys aged 4, 3, and 2 (yes, I'm quite insane) I would venture to say that if the children are at the same age as mine, the only thing you can do without causing animosity is to take your concern to the parents. Children are loud and can be a real problem when people live in close quarters such as an apartment building. If the behavior tapers or stops, then great. If it escalates or the parents tell you to get bent, then I would seek out the landlord to either find a comparable apartment for you or for them or give them an official warning about noise.
  • just go round there politley and say something like, sorry to bother you but your children can be quite loud at times. would you speak to them about being a bit quieter.

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